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"evaporation" lines on pregnancy tests?

25 replies

Wallace · 14/03/2004 19:38

Did a test last tuesday and thursday, both negative. Just happened to look in the bin today and the one I took on thursday has a faint (but immediately noticable) line. Now I know you are not supposed to read the test after 10 mins, but anyone had this happen to them, and actually were pregnant?
BTW both tests were same brand, so if it is just evaporation, why would one have a line and the other not?

OP posts:

bunny2 · 14/03/2004 20:04

Wallace, I was going to post this question. I have the same! I am still looking at the test I did today to see if there really is aline. There def wasnt within the 3 minutes testing time but now... a few hours later there might be. We can live in hope. Good luck!


popsycal · 14/03/2004 20:17

go out and buy another tes - go on go on go on go on!!


Wallace · 14/03/2004 20:34

I can't buy another test until maybe tuesday! Really far from shops and don't drive (yet!)

Not quite sure when af due...should be around about now though. Feel pregnant: funny taste in mouth, feel thirsty, but lots of saliva, achey boobs.
The thing is though...I can't really be pregnant as I have a coil fitted. I had a couple of tests left over from last time and thought I would test because of my symptoms, and felt very silly when they came out negative...then shocked when I saw the positive one.
So I can't be pregnant...or can I?

How about you bunny2?

OP posts:

bunny2 · 14/03/2004 20:48

I've been charting my temperatures this month, I am desperate to get pg and did loads of shagging around the time of ovulation which was about 8 or 9 days ago. I shall try and wait till Tuesday to test again (af due on Tuesday). I am already obssessed with the possibiliy that I might be!


bunny2 · 14/03/2004 20:49

Wallace, just reread your post. Will you be happy to get pg or will it be a mistake?


Wallace · 14/03/2004 20:56

I would love to be...but don't think dh would feel the same! Also we have made a decision not to have another baby yet (ds 4.5 and dd2.5) because of lack of space!
I am not sure quite when AF is due, but was definately having period on the 16th feb as dh had been away for 2 weeks and was a bit disappointed when he came back!

bunny2 - I misread your message as "did lots of shagging around" and was momentarily shocked until I read on, and realised what you were really saying

OP posts:

Wallace · 14/03/2004 20:58

oh and i meant to say good luck

OP posts:

bunny2 · 14/03/2004 21:05

Lol Wallace, glad you reread!

I am so tired, have been all week, also lots of creamy mucus but I dont really have any other so-called symptoms. I'm still hopeful though.

Dont worry about dh, surely he will be delighted if you have some good news.


Wallace · 14/03/2004 21:12

I've been falling asleep on the sofa while trying to watch films with dh!
About the, um, creamy mucus...Is there quite alot of it? I keep on feeling quite wet (blushing now...wheres the emoticon?) and thinking AF has started, but is just mucus....or could that just be all the shagging around

OP posts:

bunny2 · 14/03/2004 22:17

Just pooping in b4 bed. Wallace, apparently lots of discharge (god, I hate that word) can be an early pg sign. I have more than usual
chat tomorrow I hope
Good night


bunny2 · 14/03/2004 22:18

popping not pooping!


Wallace · 15/03/2004 09:41

still no AF how about you?

OP posts:

bunny2 · 15/03/2004 10:00

no, a few af-like pains though


smellymelly · 15/03/2004 10:02

I had this a few months back, by the next day they showed up with a second line, and I got all excited, but I was not pregnant. They really do need to be read within the time given on the instructions.....


bunny2 · 15/03/2004 10:29


smellymelly · 15/03/2004 10:44

You ok bunny2 ???


Quackers · 15/03/2004 11:06

ONly just seen this, Bunny, are you there honey? You ok??? Please come back and talk to us. Hugs {{{{}}}}


bunny2 · 15/03/2004 19:59

Hi, havent had the nerve to test today. I used a cheapo internet one befroe but tomorrow, if no af, the clearblue comes out!

Wallace, any news?


Wallace · 16/03/2004 07:19

hope you have a positive test today...

Still no AF for me. I will buy a test today if possible. I used a cheap internet brand before too (ACON I think). And I am wondering if the line might have appeared within the time frame. You see I took the test, waited for the colour to go all the way up, and the control line to appear. I saw there was no test line, told myself off for being silly, and binned it straight away. I don't think I waited for anyhting like 3 mins.
I suppose I'll find out for sure one way or another soon enough!

Keeping my fingers crossed for you today

OP posts:

bunny2 · 16/03/2004 08:07

Hi Wallace, I did a clearblue this morning and there was a faint line (very faint but there). I cant get very excited though, it is early days and the result was somewhat ambiguous.

Good luck, keep me posted!

btw, I used the Acon ones too, dont know if they are any good.


Wallace · 16/03/2004 08:31

Thats a very hopeful sign I will continue keeping my fingers crossed for you!

My AF started, and I am dissappointed Must have been PMT symtoms I was having, but have never had such bloody sore boobs before apart from when preggers.
Oh well, I'll maybe have a conversation with dh soon about having another baby sooner rather than later.

OP posts:

bluestar · 16/03/2004 08:38

Wallace, know what you mean about having sore boobs. Last cycle was really cruel to me as I had sore boobs from the day of ov so got my hopes up only to be disappointed again. Good luck for next month.


Quackers · 16/03/2004 09:32

BUnny, posted on ttc! You doing another??? How many DPO are you??? It sounds very promising a line is a line! Mine was hardly noticable at all at 3 DPO, but was there all the same and now 21 weeks!! I'm so hoping and praying this is your turn!!!!


bunny2 · 16/03/2004 10:28

Wallace, bad luck , that would have been a great surprise for your dh. If af is here, it's soon time to try again.

Quacks, hi mate, I am 10 dpo according to FF and my temps are slowly climbing so I hope that is a good sign.


Quackers · 16/03/2004 13:07

Gosh I meant 3 days before AF! That would be a mracle 3 DPO!!!

This is just fantastic though, Your temps are rising too then!!!! Even better!!!!
DON'T continue to take your temps, as the slightest dip you'll worry! I did that, they dropped but it didn't make any diff, i was still pg!!!

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