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Does chlorine in swimming pools kill sperm??????

9 replies

smellymelly · 12/03/2004 18:39

I'm sorry if this has been done before but can chlorine kill the little buggers??

OP posts:

hmb · 12/03/2004 18:41

Possible I suppose, but I doubt that it would be that effective, since it has to be at a low enough level so that it doesn't harm out cells.

I wouldn't rely on it as a form of contraception


jac34 · 12/03/2004 18:41

Have no idea smellymelly, but you obviously live a far more exciting life than me


Blu · 12/03/2004 19:08

Oh my god - you mean I could get pregnant with a complete stranger in our local pool????


PipBeckett · 12/03/2004 19:13

Intrigued to know why the question? I've managed a few exciting places but not a public swimming pool.


sb34 · 12/03/2004 19:16

Message withdrawn


smellymelly · 12/03/2004 20:12

Well actually I went swimming a couple hours afterwards, but didnt want to kill 'em off....
Sorry to spoil your fun!

OP posts:

sb34 · 12/03/2004 20:21

Message withdrawn


suedonim · 12/03/2004 20:39

I've been wondering that, SM, since my mum told me about this incident in a hotel near her. Apparently there was an old man on his own in the jacuzzi. Someone else went into the suite and noticed that there were actions going on in the jacuzzi water. She informed the staff and apparently, the man was doing what she suspected. He turned out to be a vicar and was very apologetic, explaining that the warm water and bubbles had reaches the parts Mrs Vicar hadn't reached for years. The hotel had to drain, disinfect and refill the pool.


eddm · 12/03/2004 20:51

Yeeeuck! Thanks for giving me the horrendous image of some strange bloke's sperm floating around my local pool as unsuspecting swimmers bob around...

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