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clearblue digital

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kiwisbird · 11/03/2004 12:23

period is late by few days, we were trying ish but more like not preventing, I usually get pregnant really easily if last two are anything to go by..
Tested today with clearblue digital first test which I screwed up by puting it in the wrong way d'oh teach me not to read instructions..the bit that shows the blue line has shown one dark and one very faint line, 2 nd retest on next lot of wee (ie not first thing) showed up as negative..
whats does this mean? LOL
Yes I know to test again tomorrow on first wee, but in the slightly panicking meantime...
xx J

OP posts:

Twinkie · 11/03/2004 12:29

It means Congratulations he he - as everyone said to me a line is a lone and you can have afalse negative but not a false positive - you can join our November thread!!


Gomez · 11/03/2004 12:34

Do you still have the instructions? If I remember I am sure they say do not read the lines 'inside' the test. You should go by the result window and if that says negative I would presume negative. And then try again tomorrow to check. Sorry!


kiwisbird · 11/03/2004 12:35

lol my line was so faint with dd that DH refused to believe it...
Will test again in csae I am seeing things, I think I would ,like it so much...
thanks twinkie xx might see you in the club soon then!

OP posts:

Twinkie · 11/03/2004 12:38

I found first response to be good early on although line was faint - and if I did 2 in a row the second one was non existent or even fainter than the first - but I have to say I actually went through about £100 worth of tests - still have as couple of them on the window sill and one in the car just to remind me that I am actually pregnent - they are in clear bags of course!!


Gomez · 11/03/2004 12:46

Me too Twinkie - First Response showed up v. faint from about 3/4 days before and then strangely enough stayed faint!!! I just remember the month before I got PG trying a Clearblue Digital which said negative but when I 'ejected' the stick there were 2 lines - I then went down the em, maybe route. Then read the instructions which I am sure said don't read those lines - boo hiss!! Sorry Kiwisbird - but then again I would be talking drivel - you will just need to save your wee up and try again!


kiwisbird · 11/03/2004 13:01

thanks for clearing that up for me then ladies

OP posts:

malinki · 31/03/2004 14:59

I too tested with a Clear Blue digital, the 1st time I pulled the strip out after i rec'd the oh I don't think so dear result, the 2nd time I got the same message but this time the strip had 2 lines on it. I thought the strips could be used without the digital thingy.

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