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hana · 08/03/2004 19:16

wondering if anyone can help - a friend has just dropped off some mat clothes that she had borrowed and bless her, at the bottom of the bag were some opk's ( 4 out of 5 still there, lucky girl! plus one preg testing kit for later I hope )

Anyways, my question - the box says expiry is 02/04.
Will they be reliable?
I always said I wouldn't use them, but have just peed on them and the 2 lines are pink, the first lighter than the second darker one. Does this mean I am about to ov? Sorry , the instructions aren't in box and I've never really paid attention to messages about opks.
Thanks for your help! Must get dd off to bed if I 'have' to seduce my dh!

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hana · 08/03/2004 19:42

it's ok - just been on their website and it says I haven't had a LH surge yet...will try again in another day or two. I think using these sticks could make me more obsessive than I already am. Glad there are only 3 left.

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