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Help!!! Multiple positive OPKs

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bunny2 · 06/03/2004 11:29

I had a positive on Thursday, another positiveon Friday and now another one. All definately positive. Before the positive I had a week of negatives. Anyone know if I have ovulated? Has this happenend to anyone else???

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twiglett · 06/03/2004 11:32

message withdrawn


bunny2 · 06/03/2004 11:42

Hi Twiglett, but if I have ov'd, why do I still have a lh surge? I'm wondering whether to drag dh back to bed for more bding.

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twiglett · 06/03/2004 11:46

message withdrawn


bunny2 · 06/03/2004 11:56

my thoughts exactly

can I leave ds in front of the tv or is that really bad parenting?

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jellycat · 06/03/2004 12:11

LOL bunny . I presume he no longer has a nap? Well, CBeebies is sooo educational, don't you think, it really expands their minds to be left in front of it for a while (especially Clifford). That's my exucse anyway, and I'm sticking to it.

Sorry, I can't answer your actual question though. Do you get any other sign like pains, mucus etc?

Maybe you've just released 2 eggs this month and consequently had a biggger surge (ooooh twins - how exciting, but rather you than me!).


Beetroot · 06/03/2004 12:37

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

bunny2 · 06/03/2004 12:51

My Mum and Aunt have just arrived! I'm tempted to ask them to tkae ds out for a walk but how can explain why? My mum and I dont mention sex... ever!

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Quackers · 07/03/2004 20:50

Bunny - STOP testing when you get a surge!! You drive yourself insane!! I did this and was very concerned that I had days of surges cos I carried on testing. As long as you had neg's previous to the surge it is normal so don't worry!!! You're also getting a temp rise so ov is defo occuring!!!!!!!! BTW, did you take your temp??


bunny2 · 07/03/2004 20:55

Hi Quacks. My temps are all over the place - possibly cos I was dancing in a nightclub till 3 this morning!! FF hasnt pinpoited ov yet but I did another stick and there was no surge line so I guess I ovd yesterday. Poor dh, he was made to perform at 3.45 this morning

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808state · 10/04/2004 21:54

Hi Bunny2,

OPK's actually work on two misleading principles namely that a rise in LH is immediately followed by ovulation and also usage of these kits assume one rise in LH every month. Both of these statements are certainly untrue.

These kits measure LH hormone. If you are one of many women who produces excess levels of LH (a common ovulation problem called polycystic ovaries) then these kits can give false readings.
For these reasons it is best not to use them at all.

If your periods are irregular (i.e a cycle length of less than 21 days or more than 35 days OR with a variation of more than 4 days from month to month) would seek a blood test from GP to assess your hormone levels properly.

With best wishes

808 state


twiglett · 10/04/2004 22:29

message withdrawn


808state · 11/04/2004 19:59

Hi Twiglett,

Thanks for the welcome. Yes, I am newish to this site ;only joined it a couple of days ago and still getting a feel for it. It does seem to be a friendly site!.

My Congratulations to Bunny!


bunny2 · 11/04/2004 20:04

Hi 808state, as Twigs says, I'm pregnant - got lucky with those multiple OPKs . Thanks though.

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