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cervical mucuous......personal sorry!

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silly · 04/03/2004 13:23

A strange question this but i hope someone can help me.Can sperm be mistaken for the cervical mucous at ovulation the day after sex? (sorry to be so personal but really need to know)

OP posts:

Kay1 · 04/03/2004 13:49

in a word - yes - i've been trying to check cm and discovered that i don't get the egg-white stuff that you are supposed to have at ov (although i seem to be ov'ing). The only times i have thought i have it have been after sex - check out fertility friend website as this gives very good info on this!

By the way, if anyone has any clever ideas on how to increase cm i would love to hear them!


dejags · 04/03/2004 14:04


I researched using Robitussine a cough medicine to increase CM.

Robitussin's action is to the thin the mucous in the lungs to alleviate a cough. It has a similar effect on CM - or so I have read. Basically some research advocates taking a couple of doses of Robitussin prior to ovulation - the thinned CM is then easier for sperm to navigate.

One thing I did read over and over is that is important that you DO NOT take this medicine once you are pregnant.

Not sure how much truth there is but I tried it and fell pg with my second child really quickly (less than 2 cycles - whereas with DS1 it took 14 months)...

Worth googling to investigate I suppose...


BigBird · 04/03/2004 14:25

I read somwhere that after about 1 hour semen would be gone and what you are then seeing is CM.

About increasing CM...the robitussin has to be the one for chesty coughs as the active ingredient you are looking for is Guaifenesin and you only take it up to Ovulation. I've tried it but didn't see much difference. Have heard it working for some people though. Also you can take Starflower oil from cd1 to ovulation ...tried this too and think it made a bit of difference.


hana · 04/03/2004 16:04

there is a way to tell if it's cm or sperm - I remember reading about it Toni W's book (the name escapes me right now) I'm sure someone else will know. Something about how long it takes to evaporate on your finger?? Will have a think ( I don't have the book anymore!)


Quackers · 04/03/2004 18:19

I never appeared to CM at ov very often but started taking eveing primrose oil capsules and gt pg first month, don't know if that's why but the previous 3 pgcies I didn't use the capsules and stil got pg. Americans seem to use robitussin for CM though quite widely.

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