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should I do a test yet?

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Londongirl · 02/03/2004 17:50

Hello - am slightly new to Mumsnet. I did write a message last year (Title - "Husband doesn't want to try yet"...anyway, husband DOES want to try now, and have been trying since beginning of January. Only probalem is my cycles seem a bit mixed up still - 30 days, then 23 days. Am now on day 24 and have been feeling REALLY nauseous all day. Also had a bit of nausea last Thursday. No other symptoms apart from a lot of saliva (sorry to be so gross). Given my irregular cyckes do you think it is worth testing now, orwaiting a few more days? Am dying to know obviously...

OP posts:

bundle · 02/03/2004 17:51

gosh that takes me back, I had LOADS of saliva, especially with 2nd pregnancy. I'd give it to the end of the week. good luck!


secur · 03/03/2004 13:02

Message withdrawn


bunny2 · 03/03/2004 21:42

look here


Londongirl · 04/03/2004 14:18

Well not sure what my nausea and saliva were related to, but AF arrived yesterday morning. A little sad, but seems like my cycles are forming a pattern of 24 days which is comforting at least - better than being all over the place. Thanks for your messages.

OP posts:

Azure · 04/03/2004 14:21

Bad luck Londongirl Come and join us on the "Anyone TTC...4" thread if you can bear it!


bunny2 · 04/03/2004 19:42

Bad luck.

As your cycles are variable length, have you considered charting? This is my second month and I am a convert. If you are interested in charting your cycle, come over to the TTC 4 thread, there are a few of us doing it at the mo.

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