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Aanyone know a good acupuncturist in N London?

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Cll · 26/02/2004 23:31

My friend is on her second IVF cycle but her acupuncturist who specialises in fertliity is going to be away for the crucial bits. Anyone been to a good acupuncturist in North or central or even West London (she works in Shepherd's bush lives NW6, is having treatment in Harley Street)

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bran · 27/02/2004 10:36

I'm very happy with my acupuncturist who is treating me for PCOS, I'm not sure if she specialises in fertility, but your friend could always ask. She mostly works in Fulham, but she does a clinic in Harley Street on Wednesdays. Justine Hawkin at Pure Medicine - 020 7467 5940


stace · 29/02/2004 11:25

Try any of the therapists at Viveka - the centre has a speciatlity in womens health, fertility and natural childbirth. I am seeing one of their acupuncturists tomorrow for another issue and i shall ask her if she can assist on fertility issues.

Viveka 020 7483 0099 or email [email protected]
good luck!!!


Cll · 29/02/2004 15:08

will pass these on but any other suggestions helpful

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