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premature ovarian failure - info needed.

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willow2 · 26/02/2004 14:09

Have been feeling grim, off and on, since last summer. Headaches, nausea, exhaustion main problems - plus periods have become irregular. Sometimes they are every 28 days, sometimes I can go for seven or eight weeks. Have been seeing an obs chap who has done a lot of blood tests over the last six months - sometimes my oestrogen levels were very low and fsh and lh very high, sometimes they were pretty normal. Confused by this, and the fact that I don't seem to have any typical "menopausal" symptoms but lots of other ones, he referred me to an endicronologist for more tests. He also felt I should get a head scan (Cat/MRI?). Anyway, endicronologist didn't feel scan necessary but did more bloods - including tests to rule out auto-immune problems - and concluded, this week, that I have POF and wrote me a prescription for HRT. Nice. I am 37. Obs guy has asked to see me again - going in on Saturday - not sure why, I suppose to go through everything. Thing is, I am really confused as to how something so "final" can be diagnosed when my blood tests seem inconclusive and I feel so rank but in a non-menopausal way (eg: last night had such bad headache and felt so sick that I couldn't face supper and just crashed out on sofa). I am worried that they might be missing something. I am also very confused as to what, if any, our chances are of having another child. Is this really it - have heard that POF can be temporary, but in what instances? Would appreciate any information you lot can provide.

OP posts:

Mum2Ela · 26/02/2004 14:31

I can't really give any advice but want to send some sympathy and say that if you are not convinced totally by their diagnosis and feel it may be more / something else, then please pursue it. Keep asking questions, bombard them if you need to, get a second opinion if you need to. Your fertility is too important to not get it right. x


CountessDracula · 26/02/2004 14:42

You poor love. I second the second opinion idea. Did the endocrinologist say what his reasons were for such a firm diagnosis? I guess that is what your Obs Doc will discuss with you.

According to this site you still have an 8% chance of conceiving, if of course this is what you have.

Have you seen a herbalist or other alternative practitioner?


bluebear · 26/02/2004 14:44

hi willow, sorry you're feeling so bad.
I was 'diagnosed' with POF at 25years due to irregular periods and a family history (Mum menopausal at 35, sister at 30).... however..I have since had 2 children.
In my case I had insulin resistance..basically a problem with sugar in my diet, increasing the insulin in my blood and having a knock on effect on the other hormones... I can control my symproms by watching my diet closely (very hard though I love chocolate )..basically following a diet of low to moderate glycemic index had a dramatic effect within a few 2 kids pulling at me so can't post more me if you want more details. BB


tigermoth · 26/02/2004 23:31

willow no advice to give, but very sorry you're having these problems. Feeling so yuk must be hard when you have a young son. Hope he's not runned you ragged. And hope you get sound mumsnet advice here.


tigermoth · 26/02/2004 23:31

willow no advice to give, but very sorry you're having these problems. Feeling so yuk must be hard when you have a young son. Hope he's not running you ragged. And hope you get sound mumsnet advice here.


tigermoth · 26/02/2004 23:32



willow2 · 27/02/2004 13:07

Thanks chapesses.

Anyone else been through this? Would appreciate any more first hand information that's out there.

OP posts:

bluebear · 27/02/2004 13:53

I've got a leaflet for a support group somewhere but it will take time for me to dig it out - sorry.
Will have a search over weekend.


willow2 · 27/02/2004 16:09

blubear - they have probably checked me for insulin problem (without my realising) but just incase they haven't, would you mind telling me what should I ask them to do - and what were your symptoms?

OP posts:

Alandlew · 28/02/2004 12:58

I too have been told I probably have POF. I am 38 and am going to have an ovarian scan in March. I feel 0k mostly, a bit tired and quite hormonal but
whether its because of this I don't know. I had to
really push for blood tests as 2 different doctors
said my lack of periods were probably just normal for me. Eventually got a blood test which showed a high fsh and was referred to the hospital. I decided to go private as luckily for me dhs job pays private cover for the whole family and there was a long waiting list. I saw the specialist who said I probably have early menopause but as no one else in my family has he said it was surprising. I don't get hot flushes or anything but he wants me to take hrt for my bones etc. I am having another blood test in March 2 weeks before my scan as he wanted to wait and see if my fsh level would change of if I got a period and btw I have just had one of the heaviest and most painful periods ever. I just want to have this scan and see whats going on. He definitely said that pof can be temporary though. If you are not happy with your diagnosis you must not sit there worrying. Is there anyway for you to get a second opinion or can you go back and say your just not happy about this? You might feel like you are being a nuisance but it is your life and health and they are really important. I feel for you and will be thinking of you.Let us know how you get on.


CountessDracula · 29/02/2004 11:10

Willow2 how did it go at the Obs?

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