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Should I stop Prozac in case pregnant?

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mimm · 22/02/2004 17:17

Please can someone advise me? I had unprotected sex last night and I think it is my fertile time. I am taking prozac for PND - should I stop in case? It took me ages to conceive my first so probably very unlikely. SHould I take folic acid? Sorry am confused and worried.
Thank you

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spacemonkey · 22/02/2004 17:22

mimm, i don't know the answer, but you could ring NHS Direct to ask? I'm sure others will be able to advise


twiglett · 22/02/2004 17:24

message withdrawn


twiglett · 22/02/2004 17:25

message withdrawn


mimm · 22/02/2004 17:32

Thank you so much Twiglett and space monkey - i'll just take folic acid + prozac till I can do a test.

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spacemonkey · 22/02/2004 17:36

mimm, i've just looked at the leaflet in my prozac packet and it does say you should consult your doctor or pharmacist if you think you may be pregnant. However, it doesn't tell you to actually stop taking it, so I'd read that as meaning it's OK to keep taking it until you know one way or the other. If it was me I think I would check with the doc or NHS Direct just to be sure though. Good luck X


tillymint · 22/02/2004 22:40

I am pregnant and on prozac. Doctor has advised there have been no reported problems associated with taking prozac whilst preg.
I have found no adverse links on intwernet - even wackies in US don't say anything bad.
Good Luck


mimm · 20/03/2004 09:32

I just wanted to thank you for responding and for the good advice. I am pregnant and am so glad that I took folic acid and I have now decided to try without prozac and see how it goes. I feel excited but very scared (my ds is only 9 months!)

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