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Conrtaceptive Jag - how long to conceive

11 replies

wog · 20/02/2004 12:45

Have a friend who has been on the jag for almost 2 years she wants to come off it to have second baby how long do proffessionals say it would take to conceive or has anyone else out there came off the jag to conceive and how long did it take?

OP posts:

Moomin · 20/02/2004 18:53

sorry - what's a jag?
Is it anything to do with the implant or the injection? I had depo injections for 18mnths before I was seeing my dh. I came off them and it took me one whole year to get my periods back. God knows what I would have done if I'd been coming off to try for a baby. The very nice doctor I saw at the FPC said that every woman is different and some are more succeptable to hormones treatments and contraceptives than others, so it'd be hard to compare your friend with others, I think.


Moomin · 20/02/2004 18:54

Excuse crap spelling. The 'sus' word looks wrong but don't know what it should be!


CountessDracula · 20/02/2004 19:21


What is a Jag?


Moomin · 20/02/2004 19:25

Top marks CD!


CountessDracula · 20/02/2004 19:27

Is it right?


wog · 21/02/2004 08:50

yes a "jag" is an injection. Sorry I should remember that I'm speaking to a wide variety of people from everywhere,although I feel that you all just live next to me because I can come on here anytime of day and find someone to speak to. Anyway she had the "injection" in her arm for almost 2 years and is coming off it to have baby number 2. She told me that with her ds now 5 that she had been on the pill then came off that to try to conceive and was pregnant 4 weeks later. I think she is hoping for this again and will be very dispondant if it takes ages, as as you can see she has left a big gap between babies as she kept saying she did not want another baby and is now pining for one.

OP posts:

Moomin · 22/02/2004 09:38

Don't necessarily tell her my tale of doom, then! When I was having all the problems with mine, the nurse at the clinic did say to me that if I was thinking of having children in the forseeable future (I wasn't at the time) the injection wouldn't be a very good choice of contraception because it can take ages for some women's cycles to re-establish. I'm no expert but I'd say she should wait until her first period and then assume from that that she's back to normal. As I said before, I didn't even get a period for a year. Many women are fine on it. Was it depoprovera? (or however you spell it) I think there's another thread on it somewhere on mumsnet. I'll try and find it and post the link...


wog · 22/02/2004 09:41

Thanks moomin I'll ask her the name of it

OP posts:

Moomin · 22/02/2004 09:48

Here's the depo link. Warning - it's not very reassuring...


wog · 22/02/2004 10:08

Thanks Moomin I will ask her the name of the injection

OP posts:

Bond33 · 22/02/2004 19:12

I had the Depo-provera injection for around six years between DS1 and DS2 and became pregnant within three months of stopping, don't know if this is normal but I now have four children

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