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so what are the Old Wives Tales for conceiving either Boy or Girl ???

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cords · 17/02/2004 00:32

I have been told so many before but totally forgotten ...

OP posts:

fisil · 17/02/2004 07:38

For a boy go on top and do it right as you're ovulating (boy sperm swim faster but live shorter).

For a girl, bd a couple of days before you ovulate, the boy sperm will all get there too early and die, but the girl sperm will arrive just in time.

Guess that means I'm having another boy then! Certainly worked last time.


Bond33 · 25/02/2004 19:20

When I did a Biology assignment on Reproduction I discovered theoretically that if you conceive within the first few days after ovulation then you should have a baby girl as the y chromosomes that produce boys have less stamina and therefore die before reaching the ova. If you conceive around ten days after ovulation the ova is lower and you should have a baby boy as the male sperm swim faster and reach the ova before the female sperm. Hope this has helped you I am going to try this theory when I have finished my degree so if you decide to try using this method keep me posted.


jellycat · 25/02/2004 19:34

Sorry Bond, if you waited till 10 days after ov you'd never get pg at all!

FWIW, Fisil is about right but there's really no good evidence it works. You could have a look here for more info.


Bond33 · 25/02/2004 20:34

I have just had a look at that and it should read if the sperm should be present before ovulation for a girl or on ovulation for a boy as the egg only lasts 24 hours Correct me again if I am wrong


twiglett · 25/02/2004 20:37

message withdrawn


Cavy · 25/02/2004 20:40

Had sex the morning I ovulated. Result = 1 boy, proves theory.
Had sex the evening I ovulated. Result = 1 girl, disproves theory.
Had sex 5-8 days before I ovulated. Result = 1 boy, disproves theory!
Hum, theory is looking disproven to me.


twiglett · 25/02/2004 20:40

message withdrawn


jellycat · 25/02/2004 21:53

Cavy, if you look on the link in my message you'll see lots more evidence disproving the theory - lots of women posting on there with long cut-offs who are having boys.

Actually, I read an aricle in the New Scientist a while ago which said there was evidence that women somehow influence the sex of their babies (i.e. your own internal' environment favours one or other type of sperm). The theory went that those women more suited' to bringing up boys are more likely to have boys and those more suited to girls tend to have girls. Obviously, lots of people have children of both sexes in their families. Nothing is definite in this business I guess.


smellymelly · 16/03/2004 21:30

Only just found this thread but if you are still interested....

  • For a girl - 1 part White vinegar mixed with 3 parts water.

  • For a boy bi-carbonate of soda mixed with water(sorry do not know amounts but can find out if still int)

    Yes you have to put it where you think you do before you have sex! But be careful, use boiled water and sterilised equipment....

  • For a boy the women should orgasm first, as this will mean her environment will then be hostile to female sperm.

  • For a girl the women must not orgasm.

    I had also used the having sex days before ovulation to conceive a girl as I had read that too (in a book by Amber Grayson i think). But this is harder to get pregnant by, so after 3 months I tried the vinegar the day before I ovulated and got my girl!!!

    It is a known fact that men with low sperm counts tend to father girls, so that means lots of sex well before ovulation to lower it.
    And for a boy just to have sex once about 12 hours after ovulation I think.

smellymelly · 16/03/2004 21:31

Obviously if you use boiled water make sure it has cooled !!!!!! Ouch...

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