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OPK advice please

16 replies

Kay1 · 14/02/2004 16:24

Right then, what does this mean??

I have been using OPK's all week - i started with cheepie ones from internet and yesterday started using clearblue (testing first thing in morning). All week i have had faint line which has gradually become darker each day so i thought ov was on way - also getting sharp pain on left hand side (poss ov pain?). Yesterday i had quite a dark line but still lighter than control line, so i counted this as a negative. Today, i tested and had no second line at all!

Can you have lh increase but no surge? therefore no ov? or could i have ov'd and test just didn't pick it up? Place your bets now!!

OP posts:

Quackers · 14/02/2004 22:30

Gosh Kay this is a toughie! As you started on clearblue after the internet ones I would say you can't rely on this result this month. The line is supposed to be the same or darker. The options I can see are that 1st your internet ones didn't pick it up and the end of your luteal surge came on clearblue. 2nd is that you might not have ov'd this month and I have to stress this is really normal once in a while. Have you had any other signs than the pains? IE CM? Don't dwell too much on it as next month use the same brand and your result will be 99% then certain! Good luck.


twiglett · 15/02/2004 08:41

message withdrawn


Quackers · 15/02/2004 14:54

Hey Twigs! Great thanks, hope you're ok too! Seems ages now since we were active on here!


jellycat · 15/02/2004 15:35

Kay, I can't really help you with the OPK question, but do your temps shed any light on things at all? I gave up on Clearblue OPKs because first month the test line never got any darker than the ref. line and second month I ran out of test sticks before I got a surge (felt ov pains 2 days after I ran out of sticks so I know the failure that month was just that I ovulated late). After that, I decided to buy a Persona which at least interprets the results for you and also tells you when to test.



pollingfold · 16/02/2004 10:09


They should make a digital OPK that says you are about to Ovulate get in the sack now!! - Or maybe thats what the Persona does. I had what you write about when I had a long cycle (56 days). I got three OPKS through out the cycle that might be considered to show ovulation,i.e two lines the test one slightly ligther than then the control and then nothing but have to admit that on the final one after 21 tests I defnitely got a positive result. This was also backed up by my temp chart.

Your hormone levels can fluctuate throughout the month and if you aren't regular, it maybe that you ovulate later than you actually think, I would keep going with same type of test so that you have constancy to what the readings are.

Hope that makes some form of sense. Goodluck


Kay1 · 16/02/2004 22:17

Thanks folks - this is really helpful and temp advice useful. I started temping last month and have been using fertility friend but my pc has been down over the last few days and i couldn't access it. (Or here, which i found really frustrating as i have realised that i have come to rely on my daily fix of the ttc thread!! Its such a good source of support and advice)

Anyhow, i put all my temps in for last few days and ping! - apparently i ov'd on day 13 (Azure - thats last thursday so please add to spreadsheet). So maybe opk's aren't that useful for me after all or maybe it was the brand swopping half way through week. Because of muddle about dates, i missed the crucial bd'ing opportunity but in a funny way now feel more relaxed but the next 2 weeks as am not expecting much.

Thanks again for all helpful thoughts xx

OP posts:

Azure · 17/02/2004 09:25

Info added to spreadsheet!


Moomin · 21/02/2004 08:31

Hello. Hope no one minds if I do some hijacking. Have been using an opk for the first time this month (1st Response). Started testing on day 11 and the 2nd line was very pale purple. Same again for days 12 and and bit darker for day 13. Today the line is the same colour purple as the test line but 'my line' is still a bit fuzzy round the edges, ie not as definite and bold as the test, even tho its the same colour. I have a regular cycle (28 days) so it would seem this is the right day - does anyone agree/disagree?


Kay1 · 21/02/2004 09:46

sounds like you can count that as a positive. i don't think they have to 'match' exactly but if its as dark as the control line, then i would assume its because you are producing the right amount of lh hormone to trigger that result.

Hey, i'm beginning to sound like an expert!!

OP posts:

Kay1 · 21/02/2004 09:48

forgot to say..............even it your'e not 100% sure - treat it like a positive anyway and get bd'ing tonight (or now if opportunity available!!) Good luck

OP posts:

twiglett · 21/02/2004 09:55

message withdrawn


squirmyworm · 21/02/2004 10:00

just to add, for what it's worth, I used OPKs when I first thought about getting pregnant. Never got a positive result even though in hindsight I KNOW I used a wee stick on every one of the 5 days before I concieved.


Moomin · 21/02/2004 14:36

Thanks - that's a YES then! Typical though, isn't it? Dh is at work all day. Thought we'd get a quick one in this morning before he left but dd had other ideas and was shouting "me done a poo" from her bed at 6.45am (She hadn't; it was a ruse to get me in there and get her up - little bugger). Dh is due home at 5-ish, dd's tea-time then the in-laws will be arriving to babysit as she goes to bed. Tonight we're going out for dh's b'day and I'm scared he'll get drunk and ruin this 'batch'! What does everyone think about doing it in another room to dd while she watches a video or something before the in-laws arrive? God this is awful but I'm desperate!!!


hana · 21/02/2004 15:28

won't 'this batch' already be made and waiting for removal? I thought that if he drinks tonight it would only affect future production? Someone will correct me I'm sure!
And yes, stick that video in!
good luck


Moomin · 21/02/2004 15:41

Yes, hana, I see what you mean. But that means today's BD is ok but tomorrow's would be dodgy! God, is it really out of order to ask dh not to get drunk, even tho it's his birthday meal and he's been such a good boy lately?!!! So many moral dilemmas!


bluestar · 24/02/2004 14:12

Moomin, hope you got lucky!
I had two lines the same colour and the next day had a very definite surge. Poor dh had a bad back, but I coerced him into some action (albeit not very passionate) as I knew the time was right. I'm sure he's hoping that this month we ceonceive for all the pain that he was put through! Things you do for a baby!

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