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Persona probs and AF question

4 replies

cheapaschips · 10/02/2004 19:26

I have a second-hand Persona kit (only 1 careful owner) and have been using it for the last 3 months.However, am a little worried as I have just realised that I have NEVER had the 'o' symbol in that time.

Is this because it is a second-hand machine or does this ,mean I am not ovulating? Would it be better for me to buy a brand new machine?
Also, does anyone else have a weird cycle when they come on the same day each month for 3 months and then the fourth month, AF is about a week late? This has been happening to me for a LONG time!

OP posts:

jellycat · 10/02/2004 22:11

Do you have the instructions for the Persona? They do say that you might not get an O' symbol at first (although I did on the first month of using it). However, you can see the lines on the pissy sticks and when there are 2, that's when you are ovulating. I think you should get an O' next month (as long as you ovulate). If you don't there's something wrong I think. Have you been seeing the lines on the sticks? Had any other symbols on the machine?

I do occasionally have cycles that are longer or shorter than usual, but I'm rarely a week late (or early).


Azure · 11/02/2004 08:38

I wouldn't have thought that the machine being second-hand would have made any difference - I assume you re-programmed it and it indicates red days and green days plus testing days? I have never had an 'o' on mine, but have never got passed the first month. I second Jellycat's comments on whether you have seen a double blue line. Alternatively, I believe that there is a Persona helpline that you could try calling (number in the booklet).


cheapaschips · 11/02/2004 11:07

Thanks for the replies. Have checked the booklet and they do say that the 'o' may not show on every cycle. And yes, I have had two lines show on the sticks as well as red, green and test days.
Probably just me panicking about my fertility as I get older

OP posts:

Quackers · 11/02/2004 12:58

It does take 3 months ie the 4th month it will start to show an ov symbol although some get it earlier, so don't panick!!! Keep on using it and look at the lines as has been said to check for ov yourself!! You can see the 2 starting get darker a couple of days before!

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