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where to buy a BBT thermometer?

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valleygirl · 04/02/2004 14:03


tried to buy one in local Boots - they looked at me as if mad. BF bought one from local chemist, but looks about 20 years old, and only goes up in increments of 1/5th not 1/10th as I had been led to believe was the point. Anyone know if I can buy online, or whether digital thermometers are precise enough for the job?

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Quackers · 04/02/2004 14:12

Hi, you defo need a BBT thermomter. I used my DDs digital to compare and it gave a totally diff reading. Boots have a BBT thermometer pack situated with the condoms and pgcy tests. I have heard people asking the chemist staff and them looking at you as if you have 3 eyes!! I think if you search the internet though you should get one if your Boots doesn't have them at the moment.


BigBird · 04/02/2004 14:30

most Boots def do have them. As Quackers said - look yourself near where the ovulation kits are. It shoudl be a big purple box. The staff prob woudln't know what you are talking about as I don't think it says BBT on the box...more likely says Fertility Charting or something like that.


Azure · 04/02/2004 14:40

Boots website sells it online too.


valleygirl · 04/02/2004 15:05

thanks for the info guys - i have just ordered it over Boots website, so hope it arrives in time!!

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