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How long does fertilisation take to show on a preg test

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angelpoppet · 03/02/2004 16:16

I'm just wondering if anyone know's how long after intercourse would a pregnancy test show as positive?

My dh and I had our 1st unprotected sex late on Sat night. I was so excited to start trying that yesterday evening I took a pregnancy test. It came up negative but I'm jsut wondering if it was too soon.

I don't want to keep peeing on sticks just for the sake of it - I know it might take months to concieve but I fell so quickly with my dd.

Any ideas of how long it would take to show up?

OP posts:

BigBird · 03/02/2004 17:04

at least 10 days.
You have a bit to wait ! don't waste your money on any more tests till then !


Moomin · 03/02/2004 18:23

If you've got a 28 day cycle, in theory the egg should pop at 14 days after your last period and, like BigBird says, if it was fertilised it should take about 10 days to travel down and then implant. So in theory you could get a positive result 3 or 4 days before your period is due (1st Response pg kits say their sticks can usually detect the right hormone 3 days before) but most kits rely on being done the day your period is due. Give the poor sperm and egg a chance to do their stuff!! Good luck x


twiglett · 03/02/2004 18:25

message withdrawn


Lesley76 · 05/02/2004 11:36

As I understand it, its not how long after you had sex, its how long after you ovulate. So if you have intercourse on day 10 but don't ovulate until day 14 you cant conceive until then. I got positive results on day 26 (first preg) and day 27 (second preg) using the First Response tests. But my cycles are like clockwork and I conceived straight away ( despite my advanced age!!!!) so didn't have to spend a lot of ££££ on tests! I believe that false positives are rare as they are measuring the presence of certain hormones but you can get a false negative if you test this early.

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