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I've lost the instructions to my OPKs, Help

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bunny2 · 30/01/2004 18:36

I bought them of the internet and they came with a sheet of instructions. I know you wee on the sticks and then leave them but does anyone know how long they should be left for b4 looking at the result? My sticks were cheapo ones, there is a wavy blue line at one end and a hand picture at the other. The wavy end goes in the wee and 2 lines appear, which one should be bolder if a lh surge is detected?

I am using these in conjunction with the expensive Clearblue in a desperate attempt to bd at the right time.

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Kay1 · 31/01/2004 19:32

I've got these ones but used them with Clearblue too - much cheaper but i did worry that they seemed to be very sensitive as i kept getting 2 lines and couldn't always tell if they were the same or darker!

Just checked the instructions - sticks should be in wee for 10-15 seconds, results read at 5 mins. Top line is control line so to be positive, bottom line has to be darker than or equal to control line. If no line or bottom line is lighter then its negative. Hope that makes sense - good luck!


bunny2 · 31/01/2004 22:27

brilliant, it makes loads of sense and aswers my questions. Thanks Kay1. One more thing, the Clearblue instructions say you must leave 4 hours before weeing, I cant wait that long! Do the other OPKs have the same instruction? I dont remember it.

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jellycat · 01/02/2004 10:49

Bunny, I know what you mean about the 4 hour wait! You can do the clearblue pissy stick first thing in the morning though, so as long as you don't have to get up in the night you should have 4 hours before weeing. I don't know about other brands.


Kay1 · 01/02/2004 12:05

The leaflet with the sticks says you can test at any time as long as its the same time each day - may be best after 12 noon. Interestingly they say not to do it first thing in the morning (the complete opposite of clearblue advice). It doesn't say you mustn't wee beforehand - just says try to reduce fluid intake 2 hours before testing.

Apparently you can also store your wee for testing later in the day - best kept in fridge - do not freeze!! Now why would anyone want to do that?


Quackers · 01/02/2004 18:52

Bunny, I used Botts own too, but your wee had to be in the aftrenoon!!! I opted for clearblue and it was easier going in the am. Not ideal but it gets the result! Good luck.xx


Quackers · 01/02/2004 18:53

OOps should have been Boots!!!


bunny2 · 01/02/2004 22:54

Cheers ladies! So its Clearblue first thing in the morning and the cheapo ones after lunch then, that way I will be sure not to miss my surge! I presume they must work in different ways as the instructions are so different. i'll let you know if they both pick up a surge on the same day.

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