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On Clomid and Now Have a Bleeding Cyst

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Astrogirl · 27/01/2004 15:59

After doing three rounds of Clomid, the hospital has now taken me off it.

I was rushed to hopsital last week with severe cramps and was told that it was because I was ovulating. Got sent home with pain killers and an apointment for a urgent scan which I had yesterday. Also got my appointment moved forward with the consultant.

When we first went in to see the doctor he advised me that the first two months didnt work and that he was increasing the dose of Clomid to 100mg. He had not yet had the results back from the Scan, so I advised him what happened and explained that a cyst was found when they did the scan. Off he went to see the scan pictures and he came and bluntly explained that I have a 3cm bleeding cyst on my right ovary and that I was to take no more Clomid. He went to on to say that if I have a period, I have a period! And that they were going to refer me top Fertility.

After four years of being under the Well Woman's clinic they have finally refered us to the Fertility clinic.

Im now confused with whats going on, as I know that the bleeding cyst could be from where I have ovulated, but the doctors have just pushed me from one department to another without any real explanations.

Im now at the end of my tether and getting very frustrated as time goes on. If the hospital (Homerton) had overseen my treatment properly I wouldnt still be in the situation that I am in now. We are slowly running out of patience.

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bunny2 · 27/01/2004 23:11

Astrogirl, I wish I could give you some advoce but I cant. I do feel for you though, I have been messed around by Bournemouth Hospital and have been at the end of my tether too. I hope you get the answers you deserve. Best of luck.


AndiPlusOne · 28/01/2004 19:15

I had several months on clomid a few year ago (around the time that a woman was in the press & expecting EIGHT babies after using clomid). I had/have polycystic ovaries and no real monthly cycle because the condition meant that my ovaries were covered with lots of cysts.

These cysts burst often and ocasionally painful but otherwise didn't seem to do any real harm.

Now have a 3 year old son & very tired!


AndiPlusOne · 05/02/2004 11:15

Astrogirl - I should add that I really do know what you're both going through. It took a few years for me to get there. I live in Leeds where there is a very good fertility service at one of the main hospitals (Where I now work!). However waiting lists were very long and I had private health cover through my employer at that time. (A VERY well known healthcare company beginning with the letter B*). They covered me for the initial phase of scans and most of the endoscopy procedure as this came under their heading of "investigation" which the consultant was happy to emphasise for them. BUT I couldn't afford to continue privately & the bills mounted up. Financial and emotional strain finally took the toll on my relationship with the boyfriend and we broke up - but remain friends. My DS1 was conceived after just 6months of marriage to my DH who I met on my first 'single again' girls night out. We had sort of come to terms with a life of no pregnancy and had agreed that we would look into adoption. Then found out we were one of the lucky ones. Amazed the GP! Many friends who have also been through it agree that it helps to put things out of your mind as much as possible & relax. Funny - a good holiday did that for us! It took me a few years and another friend about 10years but we both got there in the end. Hope you do too! Fingers crossed for you!

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