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Is pregnancy still possible?

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Amiorarenti · 09/05/2006 10:25

Dh and I had unprotected sex a few days ago. Since yesterday my breasts are so sore that I can't wear a bra or even bare to have sheets on me in bed.

AF is very erratic so I would not even know where to begin working things out, one thing I do know is that the last AF finished on 29th April and this morning when I discovered that I was losing massive clots.

I need to know for definate before the end of this month as I have a hospital appointment and would not be able to have the procedure if I am PG.

Do you know which could be the most responsive test that i could do? is it worth telling the doctor when i go to the hospital? Also, would it possible to still be PG even though I THINK i have AF.

Sorry for the questions but I have alot going on in my head at the minute about whether I possibly am or not.

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Piffle · 09/05/2006 14:28

You had a bleed this morning with clots?
You shold date from date of last period start not end if you know? Are your cycles a regular length?
You can buy quite sensitive tests at boots etc, any brand would do, use firsty morning wee though but given that you're bleeding heavily it sounds unlikely that you would be pregnant?

Amiorarenti · 09/05/2006 15:33


I THINK i started my last period on the 18th of April, give or take a day or two.

I've stopped bleeding completely now, not bled since early this morning.

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