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ovulating on day 7? is this possible?!

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mumtodylan · 08/05/2006 18:15

me and dp are ttc baby number 2 and are trying out the 3days before ovulation rule to try and tip the balance in favour of a girl. i'm on day 7 of my cycle, period only finished on fri and my cycle is 25 days, so figured i prob ovulate on day 11 (this fri)however i've got the classic egg white cm today. i'm now really confused, could i be ovulating today?? it seems far to early, so don't know when we should be trying - if i ovulate friday we should be tc today but if i'm ovulating today we need to avoid conception today as would prob get a boy. i'm so confused!!!! can you ovulate so early on?? anybody experienced this, or can offer any help!!!!! please!

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wannaBe1974 · 08/05/2006 18:18

usually the eggwhite cm (ewcm) occurs for a few days before and during ovulation. If you have ewcm then it means that the conditions are optimum for the survival of sperm.

tbh, I would be cautious about only trying for one sex as these methods generally aren't that reliable, and if you're not trying on certain days to avoid a specific geneer, then you are reducing your chances of conception altogether.

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