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Ovulation pain and Egg whites??

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jellyjelly · 08/05/2006 17:40

Is the time to go for it when you get the egg white or when you get the ovulation pains? Sometimes it feels that the pain comes first and then other times the white.

Please help me.

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zan · 08/05/2006 18:16

Hi, I could never tell either so after nearly a year of trying and driving myself and dh crazy i used the ovulating test sticks from boots and it worked first time. Ds is 19 days old :)

jellyjelly · 08/05/2006 18:39

I made dp feel like a piece of meat last time so i know we can do it but we want to catch on homeymoon.

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jellyjelly · 09/05/2006 12:51


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LilacBump · 09/05/2006 12:53

we went for it when my ovulation pains were very strong and ended up with this bump!

jellyjelly · 09/05/2006 12:56

Do you know what you are having?

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LilacBump · 09/05/2006 13:03

a boy :)
good luck btw! how long have you been ttc?

jellyjelly · 09/05/2006 13:12

We get married in 8 wks so will try after then i am preparing at the moment, have a ds who is 3

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