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Shud I test???????????

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gemmaseascout · 08/05/2006 15:43

Hey think I am on CD33
AF not regular
Bleed for ages this month
Should I test or is there no chance??????

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laughalot · 08/05/2006 15:46

Test gemma hunny

gemmaseascout · 08/05/2006 15:49

your just trying to get me excited!!!

No seriously cud there be a chance????

OP posts:
beety · 08/05/2006 15:54

i dont get it. you have bled? when? are you on day 33 of your cycle?

gemmaseascout · 08/05/2006 15:56

I bleed for about 20 days (from CD1 to CD20) now on CD33 and nothing

OP posts:
beety · 08/05/2006 15:56

what is cd? so you have not beld for 13 days??

gemmaseascout · 08/05/2006 15:59

cd is calander day, starting on cd 1 the first day of your period, usually lasting to cd28 then you get your next af and thus start on cd 1 again!

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wannaBe1974 · 08/05/2006 16:09

tbh Gemma I would wait for another week or so. chances are that because of how long you bled for, if you ovulated during your bleed, then the conditions in your uterus would not be favourable to receive an embrio just 3/4 days after you stopped bleeding. however, if you don't start bleeding again in next few days then it's possible you didn't ovulate until after you stopped bleeding, in which case if fertilization occurred then implantation wouldn't happen till much later, so wise to give it time and wait at least another week, even two if you can.

sorry, I don't want to be the voice of doomb and gloomb but imo it pays to wait, and it certainly doesn't pay not to as pg tests are bloody expensive, lol.

gemmaseascout · 08/05/2006 16:12

Those tests are sooooooooo expensive. I tested cd 11 to about cd 16 and no ov. So you could be right. But I also know those tests dont work. Thanx
Just thought I would put it to the vote!!!
You are all so clued up than me.

[in her best yoda voice] I am young i will learn!

OP posts:
beety · 08/05/2006 16:35

OKAY. I get it to now. I would wait at least another week as well.

Good Luck though Smile

beety · 08/05/2006 16:35

isn't it 'young I am, learn I will?'

gemmaseascout · 09/05/2006 09:13

alright star wars freak!! Smile

Was trying to be funny Grin

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