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Conception dates PLEASE!!

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BrilMUM · 08/05/2006 13:25

Hi ladies...hope you all had a nice weekend. I have spent the whole weekend just confused and angry. Been taking it out on eveyone. This pregnancy thing is staring to really get to me now. Plus my mother is really p*ing me off. She said that i shouln't conceive after the full moon, which is on 13 May this month, eventhough i will ovulate a week after the full moon. She said if i do it will be another girl for sure. I thought it all depended on the date you conceive but she thinks it depends on the phrase of the moon.

I need a BIG favour from all you ladies. Please could you let me know if you conceived a week after the full moon and had a boy. So i can prove my mum wrong. I really need your help - don't know whether to go with my mother or conceive on ovulation. She conceived my brother just before the full moon.

Thank you so much for your help,



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elliepippamummy · 08/05/2006 14:19

Not sure about this theory I haven't ever heard of it, i conceived my dd after bd'ing a few days before ovulation (dh was away on ovulation day!!) TRrying for a 2nd baby and we would love a boy so did lots of bd'ing day before and on day of ovulation (read all the old wives tales about posistions etc) am on CD 29 but have 33 day cycles so will know if it has worked by the weekend!!!

AttilaTheMeerkat · 08/05/2006 14:32


Think your Mum is frankly talking a load of old cobblers!!!. Conception and sex of the child (this is decided at conception) has nothing to do with the phases of the moon!!.

BTW how long have you been ttc now?. I ask this as gynaes normally like to see people after 12 months and six months if the person is over 35 years of age.

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