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how long before blood test?

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girrafey · 08/05/2006 09:47

Morning all.
ok, well have been ttc for a while now, but didnt really have much chance last 2 months as myself and my dd had chicken pox. really took it out of me. also since started childmiding dd has been waking up 8 or 9 times at night.
i am now 8 days late. done 2 tests, last one yesterday morning and both negative. i dont have any pg signs. boobs arn't even sore and they normally are near af. i even have bad skin, normal af sign.
but i have been exhausted recently and going to bed at 8pm and napping in the day if i get a chance. ( not sure how much is due to sleepless nights last month or so) and i am so tearfull. my dp just looks at me wrong and im bursting into tears. also i am craving sweet things. i have stopped eating these for a while since finding out diabetic. but i just crave it so bad.
mum is booking a family holiday in jan, if i am i will be due or have tiny baby, she is booking it on friday so really need to know by then. also mine and dp's anniversary tonight and best friends wedding next week. would be nice to know so i can avoid drinking etc.

so does anyone have any idea how early a doc will do a blood test to see if you are pregnant? realise it wont help for tonight but still would like to know. my best friend went 11 weeks before she got a positive test!!!
any advice please. dont want to get my hopes up, but want to know.

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bramblina · 08/05/2006 10:02

Sorry I don't know but here's a bump for you anyway. Have you consudered anything else, like infection etc for the tiredness or do you think it's just perhaps the remnants of cp?

blueshoes · 08/05/2006 10:13

Do GPs do blood tests to confirm pregnancy? I never had one. My GP did not even arrange a urine test for this pregnancy. Just took my word for it. I guess there is nothing to stop you asking for one.

Hope you feel better soon.

girrafey · 08/05/2006 10:20

honestly i think it is the cp, starting work and having my dd who turned one last monday and a little boy who is 11 months. and having disturbed nights. i feel fine apart from tiredness and teary. i had my bloods taken last week ( before i was late) as i hae only recently been diagnosed with diabetes, and being closely monitored and i am doing fine on that front.
ahhh just want to know, normally i would be soo excited as i would be thinking i am pregnant, but if i am it will be a miracle as it would have happened the one time that any action did!!!

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wannaBe1974 · 08/05/2006 10:36

Hi, I had similar experience this month and when went to gp after being 10 days late she said to do a test in another two weeks. I've since had other problems, discarges etc and am going back to gp tomorrow, but basically I think it's unlikely that your gp will do a blood test straight away - it's more likely that she will attribute the stresses in your life to the lateness of your period.

good luck.

girrafey · 08/05/2006 10:42

thanks wannab. not what i wanted to hear, but thanks for telling me.
hope things sort themsleves out for you and the gp helps.
right im off to the pharmacy to stock up on tests and will just check every morning!!! lol

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