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Feeling Miserable

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BeckiF · 06/05/2006 21:14

Well I'm 11dpo and last cyc;es LP was 10 days. Took a test today which is negative and my temps have come down, although they are abouve my coverline. This month was the 2nd and last try with Clomid, and DP have been TTC for about 6 years. SO, I'm feeling low. We have had our appt come through for IVF and that is in 3 weeks but we so wanted to do it as naturally as we could. I had the most vivid dream last night that I did a test and it was positive, and even remembered the time in the dream that I did it. Awoke with a heavy heavy heart.

Just wanted to sound off really :(

OP posts:
coggy · 06/05/2006 21:23

Sorry for you BeckiF. Sad
Why have you only had 2 month's of clomid (if you don't mind me being nosey)

morningpaper · 06/05/2006 21:23

sorry BeckiF that you are feeling so crap :( Thinking of you xx

ShouldKnowByFriday · 06/05/2006 21:27

Oh BeckIf, do not give up hope. I read a book recently about IVF and part of me felt that that was the ONLY way to go making me feel that the more intervention, the more chances one had of conceiving.

Why are you stopping after 2 months of clomid? I am sorry, you may have explained previously, but there are so many different situations with MN'ers trying to get preg that I can't remember all the individual cases. Did you have follicle tracking to check size of follicles etc?

I know that IVF sounds extreme but it has worked for sooooo many people so at least there is that.

This TTCing biz is stressful. When I was preg (before miscarriage) I would wake up and remember the pregnancy and feel delighted and thrilled but in a state of disbelief and when I was going through the miscarriage, when I woke up it was the first thing I thought about and felt so flat about everthying.

This ttc biz is all-consuming. Keep going and don't give up.

We are all thinking of you.

BeckiF · 06/05/2006 22:18

We were given just two months as I really pressed my gynae doc at the last appt. DP had a vasectomy reversal and initially his sperm count was low. But now we have 28 straws of wrigglers on ice, awaiting the ICSI. I have lost 4 stone to help our cause and this is why I think I was given a go on the Clomid before we start treatment. I'm 36 this year and wanted 6 children all my life. Now I'd be over the moon with just one precious bundle.

OP posts:
PanicPants · 06/05/2006 22:51

I'm still not sure why you've only been on clomid for 2 months, is it because you are able to ovulate without it? (sorry if being ignorant)

It took me 13 cycles of clomid to conceive ds.

hester · 06/05/2006 22:56

Hi Becki, do you remember me from the TTC threads? I have thought of you often and wondered how you were getting on. Now I know, and I'm so sorry it continues to be so stressful and disappointing. (I really remember those vivid dreams about being pregnant, and how awful it feels when you wake up and realise...)

You'll remember that I tried for years to get pregnant, and now I have a beautiful six month old daughter. I will also not get to have all the children I would have liked. I really do know how you are feeling, and am sending huge hugs to you. But I also want to say - how FANTASTIC that you lost four stones, many congratulations to you. That will really up your chances. and how fabulous that you are starting IVF.

Two brilliant reasons to stay hopeful. I really, really pray it all works out for you. Much love Smile

BeckiF · 07/05/2006 08:17

Morning lladies, and thanks for the support. Well AF is showing her head this morning. Not long before she gathers steam and that's the end of this cycle :( No 'miracle' for us, seems it's IVF or nothing.

OP posts:
coggy · 07/05/2006 08:52

Sorry that af's comes becki.
I have always wanted a large family too from a very early age but as I am 34 it's not going to happen for me either.
I'm sorry that you have gone through such a tough time. It obviously would have been nicer to do things the 'natural' way but IVF is amazing and it sounds as if you are doing all the right things like loosing your weight to prepare yourself.
How long do you have to wait for it?

BeckiF · 07/05/2006 10:52

We have an appt in three weeks for IVF, this is having waited 2 years to lose the weight. Just don't think I could (or rahter WE could) take the disappointment that it often brings. Still, that's probably because I'm feeling so low.

OP posts:
Hopecat · 07/05/2006 12:43

Hi BeckiF. So sorry to hear you're feeling so low. Sad We've been on treatment for a long time, and I know how you feel. I haven't been coping very well over the last few days at all.

I'm glad you're starting IVF soon - at least you haven't got a long wait until you start. Fingers crossed for you!

Oh, and congrtulations on the 4 stone - that's a tremendous achievement. Smile

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