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Can anyone help?

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Hmmmmmm · 06/05/2006 09:13

Can anyone tell me the approx odds at getting pregnant after unprotected sex? I haven't been on the pill for years and we used other forms of contraception.

Also, how soon would a possible pregnancy show on a pregnancy test?

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SomethingAboutMary · 06/05/2006 09:15

I think the odds depend on many things but if you had unpretected sex then yes there is a 50/50 chance you could be pregnant.

I think the earliest pregnancy test is 3-4 days before your AF is due & thats the first response one.


Hmmmmmm · 06/05/2006 09:38

What other things affect the odds do you think?

Also, testing before AF is very difficult as they are all over the place and I never know when the next one is going to happen. I'm hopin that I can test before the end of the month and get a result as I go in hosp. Also, if i were to test at hosp, would they be more accurate than a shop bought one?

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SomethingAboutMary · 06/05/2006 09:59

Well some people are more fertile than others for instants.

Not sure about the testing when was your last af? I think if you go to the doctors they may be able to help.

Hmmmmmm · 06/05/2006 10:03

When i came off the pill twice before to conceive it only took a month or so, so I guess that would put me as quite fertile.

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