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Pregnant but dont feel it help?

11 replies

laughalot · 05/05/2006 14:29

Got a bfp yesterday but dont feel pg at all has anyone felt the same with there second ? I was really sick with ds. Im only 4 weeks 2 days

OP posts:
Wisp · 05/05/2006 14:36

Hi Laughalot,Congratulations I'm the same as you, and dont feel anything apart from a slight crampy AF feeling. I had horrendous sickness from the start of my other pregnancies, but it all kicked off at about 6 weeks !!

compo · 05/05/2006 14:37

I didn't feel sick until aout 6 weeks. Enjoy it while it lasts!!

laughalot · 05/05/2006 15:13

Thanks guys how far are you ?

OP posts:
posyparker · 05/05/2006 16:42

Hey laughalot, I got a bfp yesterday too! I am only 4 weeks minus one day. I don't really feel pg either yet, apart from a bit tired altho that may be down to the heat! I felt really really sick with both my DDs, but I can't remember exactly how far along I was when I started feeling it. Sorry, not much help, but looks like we are almost in sync here!

blueteddy · 05/05/2006 16:46

Congratulations! I didn't have any symptoms until I was around 8 weeks pregnant. I wasn't sick with either pregnancy, but did start feeling tired at around 8 weeks.

Olihan · 05/05/2006 16:47

I had no pregnancy symptoms at all in my 2nd pregnancy. Not even a day's queasiness. I didn't have particularly strong symptoms 1st time round but 2nd time was very strange, I just didn't feel pregnant until my bump started to show and I could feel movements.
Having said that, 3rd time round I'm feeling constantly queasy so I suppose the old 'no 2 pregnancies are the same' thing is very true.

cupcakes · 05/05/2006 16:53

I'm almost 7 weeks and have varying symptoms. Very tender boobs initially and headaches. Tiredness and lots of peeing. Am now just having a few moments of nausea but nothing bad at all.

spinamum · 05/05/2006 17:35

i'm 6.5 wks and am feeling less pg as the weeks go on. i'm puting it down to being lucky enough to having managable symptoms at moment. i'm eating regularly,drinking lots of water,sleeping lots and resting(sort of) so the only thing i've got are tender boobs and they were stretched by baby one so they've got more give to start with. I think i was pretty much the same in my first pg.

To be honest i'd love one quick vomit to prove i'm not mistaken.(sorry anyone who's currently suffering with the dreaded DAY sickness.)

Celou · 05/05/2006 19:53

Olihan, when do you feel queasy, when you get up from a kneeling, or squattting position for example?

Luggs · 06/05/2006 12:06

Had no symptoms until week 8 and then felt sick every morning - don't worry it's early days yet.

tallmummy · 06/05/2006 12:10

I felt like this with 2,3 and 4. Inital symptoms crampy tum, sore boobs. Do test. get +ve result then spend next few weeks thinking it must have been a mistake as feel completly normal.

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