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Has anyone used the saliva testing kits for ovulation?

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chapsmum · 04/05/2006 19:48

have a friend who is trying to work out when she is ovulating, does anyone know where you get these from or if they are any good, searched the archives with no luckSad

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Piffle · 04/05/2006 22:03

chapsmum, a few of us have the isisscope we got from


wannaBe1974 · 04/05/2006 22:12

Chapsmum, I have an isisscope which I bought last month but then decided not to use, your friend is welcome to it as I don't intend to use it - it's still in the box. drop me an email and we can sort something out ..[email protected] if you don't still have my address :)

chapsmum · 04/05/2006 22:48

thanks wannabe that will probably take you up on that. will be in touch, have changed e ail addresses so sorry for not keeping in touch.
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