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Boots pregnancy test help ?

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laughalot · 04/05/2006 15:39

Just done a boots test and it is in a cross format if your pg the line going across is really clear the line down is faint but can be seen without holding it to the light, anyone had the same experiance dont want to get excited

OP posts:
ladyoracle · 04/05/2006 15:40

I had the same problem!! Had to read the instructions 5 times

I think you're up the duff Lady!!

OhhhMyGOD · 04/05/2006 15:43

I did a boots test this morning.
Both windows had a line but the square window had afaint line making it a cross.

It puzzled me so I did 2 further tests.

All were positive

cupcakes · 04/05/2006 15:43

I did Boots too. a cross + pg.

cupcakes · 04/05/2006 15:44

= pregnant

laughalot · 04/05/2006 16:06

Its faint but its there

OP posts:
YummyMummy87 · 04/05/2006 17:09

I had the same problem.
I took two pregnancy tests about 6 weeks ago and had one strong line and one very faint line both times. On the test I took with my first child Bethany, now 6 months it came up with two very strong lines within 30 seconds. The faintlines on this test came up after 2 mins. I AM PREGNANT, confirmed by doctor because a line or + or whatever, will only appear in the second window if you have the pregnancy hormone in your body, no other reason! GOOD LUCK!

cece · 04/05/2006 22:27

a line is a line Smile

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