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TTC Advice Needed (Clomid)

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Natty1806 · 04/05/2006 08:17


Would love some advice at the moment as i am getting more and more stressed each day:

Basically i have some tests done that suggest i do not ovulate(periods vary between 7 and 10 weeks)doctor wants to give me clomid but he has to request permission from the fertility clinic due to the risks of multi births.

I need your advice/opinion on what i should do, the options are listed below - please let me have your thoughts:

  1. i wait to see what clinic says (currently been waiting 3 weeks) doc says they will either give him the okay to give me the drugs with him keeping an eye on me or they will want to see me to do more tests etc or they will refuse me as i am only 23.

2. i go private

3. i start acupunture and wait to hear from nhs

4. i book a holiday and wait to hear from nhs

5. i get the clomid off the internet and do it myself

I only have around £350-400 to spend a month on this so if i waste £50 a week on acupunture and then get told i need to go private i will have no savings.

Please help me i just want a baby, i think i prefered it when i was trying and nothing was happening now it just seems everything is on hold.
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trace2 · 04/05/2006 08:46

hi natty wait to get clomid on nhs, do not get it your self, you have to be moniterd to take clomid.
i think they may want to see you, first for tests, and no they wont refuse you because of your age, you have a problem with ovulating, so they might give you it when doc asks for you. when i was waiting to see gyny i asked if i could go private, and they said first times not work it, becuaes they see you in same time as nhs. maybe go on hols and relax until you get the app, i know its had ive been through the same only i havent got time on my side as am 40.
but on first app they gave me clomid

Natty1806 · 04/05/2006 09:08

Thanks Trace2 how long do you have to wait for your appointment?

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trace2 · 04/05/2006 09:25

not long, they said 6 weeks but i got a letter saying i missed the app,i didnt lost in post, that would have been 3 weeks, but then got one week after, i am on my first dose of clomid
good look

trace2 · 04/05/2006 09:26

was it your gp you saw?

Natty1806 · 04/05/2006 09:39

Yeah it was my GP it has been 3 weeks and i rang him yesterday to see if he had heard anything and he said no, i would hear before he does.

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Natty1806 · 04/05/2006 09:39

Good luck to you. x

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AttilaTheMeerkat · 04/05/2006 10:12


Irregular periods are often caused by hormonal imbalances, it is actually very common. In this regard PCO (polycystic ovaries) or PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) are common culprits.
Either may be the root cause of your irregular periods.

You need a diagnosis first and foremost. Treatment will then follow on from that.

I would agree fully with the response that trace2 gave. You certainly should not self medicate with this and you need to be monitored whilst on it (ideally by a gynae). It is quite powerful stuff. Also clomid is not always suitable for all women who have either PCO or PCOS so this is why you need to be monitored too.

Would think it very unlikely you will be refused any help.

Natty1806 · 04/05/2006 17:18

Any other advice??

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