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IVF question

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BudaBabe · 03/05/2006 12:40


Am hoping to try a cycle of IVF this month. DS is now 4.5 and was conceived through IVF.

Basic question as to exactly what happens these days as the doctor said the protocol is much shorter now.

Next AF due mid May so hoping to start then - how long does it take now?

OP posts:
dizzy36 · 03/05/2006 13:37


I beleive ivf generally takes 6 weeks but there is an alternative which takes 2 weeks. I was offered it because I have a slightly elevated fsh, not sure why or what other circumstances warrant this 2 week treatment. Have to admit was always put off by ivf because of the length of time it took. The two week one is very similiar to iui and the only difference is the egg retreival bit so hopefully a lot less stressful. I have just made an appointment to speak to consultant about starting 2 week ivf at end of june.

BudaBabe · 03/05/2006 13:39

Thanks dizzy. Have made appointment to see doc on Friday - hopefully will be able to do it - need to fit in around trip to UK on 19 May unfortunately.

Good luck with yours.

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suejonez · 03/05/2006 13:42

I had both shorter (starting on day 3 of AF) and longer (ermm can't remember exactly but day 21?). Actual injecting etc was exactly the same time for both some much longer than others based on how my follicles were doing. Had OHSS on second attempt so attempt 3 was much slower as they were scared to overstimulate.

I didn't find short or longer any more (or less) stressful than the other.

Good luck

FrayedKnot · 03/05/2006 13:44

Budababe I think there is a protocol now in which you do not down regulate first but go straight into ovarian stimulation (hence cutting out the first 2-3 weeks). I thought it was only for women with high FSH, as dizzy says, but perhaps it is becoming more usual now.

I always thought the worst thing about IVF was the length of time from AF to testing day!

Good luck with your appointment & cycle!

BudaBabe · 03/05/2006 13:50

Is down-regulation when you sniff a nasal spray thingy?? CAn't beleive I can't remember what happened last time - it was so all consuming I was convinced i would remember every detail!

OP posts:
FrayedKnot · 03/05/2006 13:54

Yes! I also down regulated using the contraceptive pill for some reason, and I think some clinics use an injectible drug.

I must admit I am a bit hazy ont eh details & DS is only 2!

suejonez · 03/05/2006 15:29

Yes the nasal spray is down regulating. I specifically asked about this but they reserve the short protocal for women appraoching menopause I thought (indicated by high fsh).

BudaBabe · 03/05/2006 18:22

Well that would be me then - I'm 42 in 2 weeks.

Will let you all know what doc says on Friday!

OP posts:
dizzy36 · 04/05/2006 20:51

not sure why dr suggested two week ivf for me. He did mention because my fsh is slightly high (12.2 when last checked) but he didn't expand on that and I didn't think to ask. I am 37 by the way.

Can anyone answer this question-
at my clinic ivf costs around £2050. I beleive they only like to put 2/3 fertilised eggs back. Does that mean that the rest of the fertilised eggs can be used for the 2nd attempt in which case the only procedure would be to put the fertilised eggs back and in effect not as expensive as first go. sorry if I have just made a riduculous statement, its something I have been pondering over since decided to go for ivf

suejonez · 05/05/2006 00:29

Most clinics will not put back more than 2 embryos now according to HFEA rules, not sure what exceptions they're allowed to make.

yes if your embryos are good enough quality and are a minimum size then they can freeze them. Not all embryos will survive defrosting but you can just have the embryo transfer bit of IVF and yes it is cheaper and less stressful (not so many drugs). They will probably charge you to freeze them but still should be cheaper. Ebryo transfer shouldn't cost more than #500

I never produced enough embryos which were good enough quality to freeze so dont assume that you will, just look on it as a bonus if you do. The best ones, put back fresh are your best chance...

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