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How long.....

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Sexonlegs · 03/05/2006 08:15

after having sex would a pregnancy test show if you were pregnant or not? We only started trying for number 2 at the weekend and I am SOOOOO wanting to be pregnant (which is a complete turnaround for me!).

OP posts:
wannaBe1974 · 03/05/2006 08:19

not for about two weeks, or around the time your period is due.

BonyM · 03/05/2006 08:19

Roughly about the time your period is due I think. The hormone levels rise as the pregnancy goes on, so in the very early days they will not be high enough to register on the test.

schneebly · 03/05/2006 08:24

they say 2 weeks but some tests can show a positive up to 4 days earlier such as 1st response but it depends on hormone levels which vary from woman to woman. Good luck! Smile

Sexonlegs · 03/05/2006 10:06

Thanks all; I'll hold off for a bit then. Last time round, I must have done about 10 tests, as I could not believe I was pregnant!!

OP posts:
schneebly · 03/05/2006 10:25

I found \link{\this site} really great value if you are a serial tester like me! Smile

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