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I'm pregnant - it seems like a miracle.

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Jane101 · 20/01/2004 09:55

It took me 4 years to get pregnant with ds, who was 3 this month. He was eventually conceived through iui fertility treatment.

We started trying to conceive again in January 2002. We have had 6 failed attempts at iui and decided to have a couple of months off over Christmas, and try again this month.

My period was due on 31st December, but I was so sure I couldn't be pregnant that I didn't do a test until I was a week late. I couldn't believe it when it was positive! We had a blood test to double check, and then an early scan yesterday, which showed a heartbeat. It's really true.

OP posts:
kaz33 · 20/01/2004 20:49

Huge congrulations - makes me humble that you have put so much heart and soul into this.

Moomin · 20/01/2004 22:10

Well done you. Many congrats xxxxxxxxxx

Ailsa · 20/01/2004 22:22

Congratulations Jane

Chandra · 21/01/2004 00:49


mears · 22/01/2004 00:13

Brilliant news. Congratulations

tigermoth · 22/01/2004 07:28

that's wonderful news, jane! what a lovely christmas present

BeckiF · 22/01/2004 09:08

Such fantastic news! Inspiration to us all!

Jane101 · 22/01/2004 19:37

Thank you all - what a lovely load of messages. I'm really touched.

My due date is about 9th Sept. which seems a very long time away. Obviously we're pretty anxious in case anything goes wrong, but we know we're really, really lucky.

OP posts:
juicypips · 23/01/2004 19:41

Oh Jane101, what absolutely wonderful, fantastic news, congatulations yippppeeeeeeeeeeeeexxxxxxxx

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