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I'm pregnant - it seems like a miracle.

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Jane101 · 20/01/2004 09:55

It took me 4 years to get pregnant with ds, who was 3 this month. He was eventually conceived through iui fertility treatment.

We started trying to conceive again in January 2002. We have had 6 failed attempts at iui and decided to have a couple of months off over Christmas, and try again this month.

My period was due on 31st December, but I was so sure I couldn't be pregnant that I didn't do a test until I was a week late. I couldn't believe it when it was positive! We had a blood test to double check, and then an early scan yesterday, which showed a heartbeat. It's really true.

OP posts:
motherinferior · 20/01/2004 12:00

How very very very very VERY lovely

Tinker · 20/01/2004 12:01

Oh that's lovely news

emmatmg · 20/01/2004 12:03

Awwwwww that's lovely. I love hearing baby news.

princesspeahead · 20/01/2004 12:04

many many congratulations.... what a lovely surprise to start the year! enjoy every minute of it

Mum2Ela · 20/01/2004 12:09

What a fab story!

Many congrats - hope your pregnancy is an enjoyable one!

bluestar · 20/01/2004 12:15

Congratulations, really pleased for you, wish you well for the next 8 months.

dejags · 20/01/2004 12:28

Congratulations Jane101 , what a wonderful way to start to the year.

Hope to see you on the September thread soon.

JanHR · 20/01/2004 12:37


dot1 · 20/01/2004 13:14

Jane 101 that's BRILLIANT!!!!!! I always look out for news for you and Bayleaf - my old compatriots! I'm sooooo pleased for you!

Take lots of care and hope to see you on one of the pregnancy threads - would it be September??!

hana · 20/01/2004 13:35

just want to add my congratulations too.......I've had 2 losses in the past 7 months and your story gives me hope that I will have another one day.
Best wishes for a healthy pregnancy

katierocket · 20/01/2004 13:37

good for you -that's lovely news.

Demented · 20/01/2004 14:04


doormat · 20/01/2004 14:13

Jane101 congratulations
You must be over the moon.

Quackers · 20/01/2004 15:43

Wonderful news!! I'm delighted for you!!!

cazzybabs · 20/01/2004 15:57

WOW - congrats. Seems to be the way - when you least expect it there is is - happened and a double line in your pissy sick.

lilibet · 20/01/2004 16:22

Fantastic news, hope you have a healthy pregnancy1
hugs xx

elliott · 20/01/2004 16:26

that's great news - so pleased it has happened for you at last.

mistletoes · 20/01/2004 16:43

Congratulations! Great news Jane101.

willow2 · 20/01/2004 19:14

What lovely news. Wishing you a wonderful pregnancy!

eyelash · 20/01/2004 19:24

It is heartening to see a lovely story like this. Congratulations.

Ghosty · 20/01/2004 19:38

Congratulations Jane 101 ...

Slink · 20/01/2004 19:46

Congratualtions to you Jane101, hope you have a wonderful pregancy just shows there is hope for us all.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx congratsx

NorfolkTurkey · 20/01/2004 20:13


Hulababy · 20/01/2004 20:18


batey · 20/01/2004 20:27

Fantastic news, wishing you all the best.

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