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I want a DS....

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curvybebe · 30/04/2006 20:18

DH and I have 2 DD's and i would love a son. Ant 'Tips' to fall with son...!!

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curvybebe · 30/04/2006 20:18


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Amanda01 · 30/04/2006 20:19

Ooh yeah, sex on the day of ovulation is supposed to do it :o Erm, look up 'the shettles method' online, he's ALL about the gender selection stuff!!

Good luck!!!!


tegan · 30/04/2006 20:28

I too have 2 dd's and would love a boy but I think if we have another we will just have what we are given.

curvybebe · 30/04/2006 20:55

Yer i agree and wouldn't want more than 3 Dh side of family all boys so thought i'd struggle to have girl!!

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thirtysomething · 30/04/2006 21:25

I've heard that you need to do the opposite as much as possible as what you did for the first two! Stressed and sporty men are supposed to produce more girls so turn dh into a relaxed couch-potato! Plus look into the whole acid/alkaline issue and diet modifications - not sure how effective it all is but may be worth a try! We have a ds and a dd and all I can say in that everything from day and circumstances of conception vs. ovulation, outside temperature, stress levels and diet was different when we conceived dd compared to ds so I have always believed that theory!

singyswife · 30/04/2006 21:50

Hi Is there actaully any truth in methods of conception? I must be really thick and old fashioned, I thought that the man decided which sex of child you had and that was it. Does tight underwear and things actaully work? I have 2 dd and my husbands brother has 3 ds. Is there hope for me??

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