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blocked tubes test

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mckenzie · 18/01/2004 21:07

When i was trying to get pg for the first time and it wasn't happening I had some tests done (blod test, ov tests etc) and I also had a test done that I think was to check that my tubes weren't blocked (I think it was balled a BPH or a PDC or some other collection of initials) I seem to remember being told that they couldn't tell if they were blocked before the test but that they were certainly not blocked after it (it was a very quick and simple procedure, just the consultant and a nurse but I remember that it was extremely painful for about 5 seconds).

Does anyone know what I'm describing, what test it would have been and is it possible that if my tubes were blocked before I had this test done that they could get blocked again?

thanks for any help you can give because as you've probably guessed we're trying to concieve and again it isn't happening.

OP posts:

popsycal · 18/01/2004 21:13

sorry to hear this.....
I have two anecdotal stories...make up your own mind
my parents tried for 2.5 years to get pregnant with me....tried everything....
Had a laporoscopy(sp?) to check for bloked tubes....not blocked apparently...then the following month, I was conceveived....
My sister had the same procedure for something entirely different....and the following month, she got pregnant

Could the procedure have been a laproscopy? Or what ever it is called....?


popsycal · 18/01/2004 21:13

oh - sorry - i sounded a bit abrupt - didnt mean to be


mckenzie · 18/01/2004 21:26

that's what happened to me Popsycal, 2 months after having this test (and we'd been trying for quite a while before it) I was pregnant. But could it be that they have got blocked again and I need to have them 'unblocked' again I wonder?
Do you have any younger siblings?

OP posts:

popsycal · 18/01/2004 21:27

i am the oldest of three girls.....less than five years betweenthe three of us


mckenzie · 18/01/2004 21:50

and presumably your mum only had her tubes unblocked once huh? So that disputes my theory then. Never mind.

OP posts:

popsycal · 18/01/2004 22:19

yes - thats true
and she ended up having an 'acciden't which resulted inmy youngest sis!


Levanna · 18/01/2004 22:44

Hi mckenzie, was it a hysterosalpingogram? I was booked in for one of these, that one's where they send dye up through your cervix, while watching on an ultrasound type thing to see if the tubes are blocked or not, it wasn't to 'unblock' me, just to see what was going on in there.


incywincy · 18/01/2004 23:20

I had a hsg (hysterothingy) done to check if my tubes were blocked but was also told by the consultant that sometimes the action of the dye passing through the tubes can unblock them. The hsg is where they inject some form of dye and take x rays to see if there is a blockage.


mckenzie · 19/01/2004 19:35

that's it! HSG. It was exactly as you described Incywincy. Thanks very much, I've been trying to think of those 3 initial for about 2 months now!

OP posts:

popsycal · 19/01/2004 19:43

glad you have found out what it is!!


CountessDracula · 19/01/2004 21:24

mckenzie I had one of those, yes it's painful for a short time isn't it? And the big wuss that I am I fainted afterwards!!

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