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Where to buy a Basal Thermometer in the UK?

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Amanda01 · 29/04/2006 20:28

Hiya girls :) I've been temping & charting using a digital thermometer ... but i'd like to try a basal thermometer, as they're slightly more accurate?

Question to any UK girls who have one ... where did you get it from? I've found one on ebay, but its shipped from AUSTRALIA!!! I'm not patient enough to wait that long!!!

Thanks :o


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popsycalindisguise · 29/04/2006 20:31


Amanda01 · 29/04/2006 21:41

lmao, thanks!! Do you know how much they cost? :o


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peachygirl · 29/04/2006 21:43

HI Amanda01
I don't actually think there is any difference between a digital thermometer and a basel one it depends on when you take your temp and the intepretation. I have a simple digital one and have no trouble. Why don't you join us on the temping for TTC thread? There are several of us on there with our thermometers. We have just had a BFP too!!

Amanda01 · 30/04/2006 13:57

Thanks for that :o I had a look in boots, but the only one they had was £40 Shock I had a look online, found one for just over £10 with postage, i've ordered it Wink


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trace2 · 30/04/2006 14:11

hi amanda i got mine from £shop

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