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The 2 week wait - do you do anything different?

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pussycatmomma · 29/04/2006 17:48

Thats it really, just curious. To all you girls ttc right now, without any ivf or specific assisted conception, Do any of you particularly take it easy, or avoid anything? Any specific foods/ drinks/ supplements? This occured to me a while ago after my sis had her first IVF. During the 2 week wait she was advised to rest and take it easy, indeed she spent the whole of the first week in bed and took it very very easy in the second. Which got me thinking, amoung the ladies who are trying naturally, is there any such advice? And why is the advice so specific to IVFers when by the time you are on the 2 week wait, there is already a fertilised embryo transferred, rather than the egg and sperm having to "meet and greet" on a natural cycle? If anyone has any thoughts on this id be really interested. On the ttc boards i am on i havent ever noticed anything about the 2 week wait.
love and hugs, Pusscat x x x x

OP posts:
ProfYaffle · 29/04/2006 18:02

I'm having a bit of a dilemma with this. I've come to the conclusion that I'm not going to do anything different until I know I'm pg, otherwise it's easy to end up obsessing about the whole ttc business. I'm doing my best to forget about it til af is due.

pussycatmomma · 29/04/2006 18:21

hi there....well thats just it isnt it? I think this is why it has never occured to me before, but there must be something in it? My sister was drinking pints and pints of water, pineapple juice and organic milk during all 3 of her 2ww. Also remember her eating all manor of bizarre things that dont even see the edge of my daily diet at the best of times (pumpkin seeds, brazil nuts etc). In general i have cut back on the wine, avoid caffeine, and try and eat my "5 a day", but im no health guru, and just wondered if it was a necessity during the 2week wait. Any one else got any ideas? Also is it best to try and chill and relax? Reason i ask is dh and i doing diy/gardening building decking this weekend!

OP posts:
pussycatmomma · 29/04/2006 18:22

ps professor yaffle im loving the name Winkim a fan of the musical mice on the mouse organ!

OP posts:
worrypot · 29/04/2006 20:22

Agree with the Prof. I think if you act differently then you build it up into something to get stressed about, which is going to delay AF even if you aren't pg. When I was pg with DD, I deliberately didn't change anything until I got the blue line. Still managed to obsess about it, so hate to think how anxious I would have been had I been taking it easy etc.

That said, I think IVF can be very draining (my SIL had 3 goes) and it may be that you need to take it easy after that. HTH.

worrypot · 29/04/2006 20:23

Pussycat, I agree with you about the 5 a day and the decrease in booze, but only as that's what we should all be doing anyway. Get that decking down, girl!! Smile

bubbly1973 · 29/04/2006 20:50

just being nosey,...did you sister get pregnant after all that pussycat?

pussycatmomma · 29/04/2006 23:39

hi there everyone.........sorry have been busy with my niece and nephew, they are having a sleepover!! bubble, my sister did get preg with her first try at ivf but sadly the preg was ectopic and she had a miscarriage. The second 2 attempts were BFN im afaid. So no-one has heard of "naturally concieved" pregnancys which have had any spesh treatment during the 2 week wait???? im concluding now then, that it isnt necessary??

OP posts:
pussycatmomma · 30/04/2006 00:08

bumpity bump bump bump bump bump!!

OP posts:
bobblehead · 30/04/2006 02:57

I did nothing special when I conceived dd and I was fairly convinced I'd conceived (yet very shocked when I tested and it was bfp if that makes sense!) and I remember drinking coffee and rather too much wine one night. I think I was trying to act as if I didn't believe I had got pregnant so as not to be disappointed if it was bfn. Luckily I wasn't disappointed and dd was none the worse for her early dose of caffiene and alcohol!Grin

threebob · 30/04/2006 08:25

From the end of my period until the first time I had sex that month I drank alcohol, once we'd had sex I didn't just in case.

I didn't take it easy because there wasn't any medical reason for me to - but I can see why IVF patients do.

cece · 30/04/2006 08:30

With DD I got horribly drunk at least twice. One of those times was at a wedding and merrily tucked into brie, blue cheese and so on.... I also went up in an unpressurised aircraft while on holiday....This was all before I knew.
She is fine!

But if I had been having IVF then I would probably do anything that would help.

TuttiFrutti · 30/04/2006 09:49

Like you cece, I got drunk twice just before finding out I was pregnant. The day before, I also went for a gruelling cross-country run. When I saw my GP to tell her I was pregnant, she banned me from doing any more running as well as banning alcohol!

Have to admit I drank (strong, real) coffee all the way through my pregnancy, but having seen some research on the link between caffeine and miscarriage I will cut it out next time round. Apart from that though, I was very careful once I knew I was pregnant - no alcohol, no soft cheeses etc. But in the 2 weeks before my bfp, I did all the things you're not supposed to, with no obvious ill effects.

schneebly · 30/04/2006 09:55

we were actively ttc so I didnt drink alcohol and I was taking folic acid. Nothing else really.

pussycatmomma · 30/04/2006 11:40

anyone else with words of wisdom on this subject?? thanks to everyone so far Smile

OP posts:
christie1 · 30/04/2006 11:53

nothing too drastic, just take my folic acid supplement, cut way back on cafeine intake and up my fruit and veg intake to keep my body healthy.

Natty1806 · 30/04/2006 11:55


I only think people should keep taking their floic acid and avoid alcohol in the 2 ww but if you want to drink as long as you don't have a massive binge session you should be fine.
I know lots of people who have drunk in the 2 ww, and as long as when you find out you are pregnant you stop everything should be fine.

I also think that if you start changing too much in your 2 ww as if you were pregant when you get your AF or a BFn it is more upsetting as in a way you have made yourself behave as if you were pregnant when in fact you are far from it.

Anyway best of luck to everyone and everything is easier said than done. x

Amanda01 · 30/04/2006 14:04

To be honest, after a couple of cycles of being really careful in the 2WW & getting heartbreaking BFNs both times, i'm not being careful at all this time!!! We went to the pub Friday night, had a few pints, a few ciggies ... and had a GREAT time :o

I agree, if you act pregnant, and then get BFNs ... its way too upsetting. From now on, i'm not gonna act pregnant til i actually am Wink


ProfYaffle · 30/04/2006 14:20

Thanks PCM - I used to have imaginary mice as child inspired by Bagpuss! Dd loves ProfYaffle and does a great impression of him which is where my name came from.

Good point about folic acid btw, I forgot to mention that's the only thing I'm doing differently atm.

calvemjoe · 30/04/2006 14:57

I always make sure I have a glass of wine in the 2ww. I rarely drink, so I thought sod's law would decree that if I did have a drink I'd get a bfp. And it seems to work!

threebob · 01/05/2006 20:07

Like a version of taking a bomb on the plane, because what's the chances of having 2 on the same plane?

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