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can breastfeeding stop you ovulating??

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mumtodylan · 28/04/2006 20:17

i have just stopped bf ds last month who is now nearly 2. i've been having af since he was 5 months old. me and dp are ttc so have been using an ovulation test kit, i tested every day this month and it was all neg, and i'm not pg. bit worried now in case this means i'm not ovulating and we won't be able to get preg. help! do you think this could be down to hormones from bf still? this happened to anyone else?

OP posts:
AttilaTheMeerkat · 29/04/2006 06:48

I would not use the opk's any more (these are beset with problems in any case) but suggest you have a blood test done to check your hormone levels properly.

Even though you have stopped breastfeeding, are you still producing any milk?. I ask this as any excess level of prolactin can interfere with ovulation and it is actually quite possible to have periods without ovulating.

Such problems if they are there can be treated but do seek medical opinion asap.

fresco · 02/05/2006 15:55

hi mumtodylan

i was exactly like ypu after dd1 and whenn ttc dd2.i stoped b/f when she was just under 2 and fell pg when she was 14 months.but if u b/f at night, it will stop u ov (it did me anyway.u may be different).do you chart your basal temp? that may help you.

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