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anyone come off dianette and had probs getting preggers?

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mjp185 · 27/04/2006 22:46

I was on Marvalon for 10 yrs and got pregnant twice....(1 missed pill and 1 course of antibiotics!!) so both unplanned but have 2 lovely boys (I can say that as they are sleeping angelically next door!) Changed pill to Dianette 8months ago, been off it for 2 months and not pregnant.

Hubby only has to look at me and I'm pregnant.Wink Should add that I have had 3 other pregnancies in the past but have miscarried. Does it just take ages for your bdy to adjust back do you think?

Have been having hot flushes, am knackered all the time (more so than normal!) and put on weight recently(about10lbs) I wonder if this has anything to do with it?????

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AttilaTheMeerkat · 28/04/2006 07:21


Was initially wondering how old you are?. If you are in your late 30s I would get this checked out sooner rather than later, within say the next month.

Was wondering why you were put onto Dianette (do not think its advised for very long term use) in the first instance. Were you having any other symptoms like appearance of spots?.

The Dianette would have certainly passed out of your system by now. Generally speaking the pill leaves your system very quickly after you stop taking it. I would say that if the nature of your periods has changed at all in the last couple of months I would mention it to the GP. A blood test can be done to see what your hormone levels are like and thus see if there is any hormone imbalance. If you have a blood test done the levels of LH and FSH must be compared - ideally these two are normally the same.

Has a thyroid function blood test been done?. I would ask for this to be tested asap bearing in mind your other symptoms as this may be a factor. It could very well have something to do with why you are feeling as you are.

panicpants · 28/04/2006 08:23

Was on dianette for 10 years and it took me 4 years to conceive! This, of course, was probably nothing to do with dianette.

I had an ectopic some years before so only have 1 tube anyway, and have or had PCOS, so eventually referred to hosp,and started the whole clomid process and conceived after a year of clomid.

Wishing you every success!

mjp185 · 28/04/2006 20:01

WOW ATTILA, what knowledge you have.

I'm 29 and went on to Dianette as I had started to get really awful spotty skin. Had a Thyroid blood test done about 12 months ago which was normal, also tested for PCOS last year but GP said testosterone levels were normal also.

Have an appt with GP in 3 weeks (apparently you have to know well in advance if you are going to need a doctor at our surgery...not that this is an emergency!)

AF has been heavier since coming off Dianette, also been in a foul mood most days.....the joy of hormones I guess.

Thanx panicpants, If it takes 4 years I'll have probrably gone off the idea of number 3, maybe thats a good thingGrin

watch this space.........

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Lauraa83 · 28/04/2006 20:26

I was on dianette for about 2 years and when I stopped it it took about 4 years to get pregnant.
I'm 22 now, I was taking it from when I was 15, met bf when I was 16 and stopped the pill after a few months, didn't actually want to try for a baby at the timne IYSWIM but it did take 4 years to happen lol.
Obviously like the other person said, I cannot say this was definitely down to dianette though..........HTH anyway:)

expatinscotland · 28/04/2006 20:27

it took me 6 months and i was on them for 18 months prior to that.

rubles · 28/04/2006 20:29

I was on it for years and I had no problem.

expatinscotland · 28/04/2006 20:31

BUT, I will say it also took me 6 months to conceive DD1 and I'd been using condoms for 3 years before that - no hormonal birth control.

After coming off Dianette, I had regular periods straightaway.

From the other symptoms you describe, however, particularly the spotty skin, hot flushes, fatigue and weight gain, I'd go back to the GP, b/c it sounds more like a hormonal problem than w/Dianette.

mjp185 · 28/04/2006 23:47

thanks everyone,

Expat, I've been searching the internet and think you are probrably spot on with the hormones being the issue and perhaps not Dianette.

Feels like I've been invaded by an alien force...

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studentmum1 · 28/04/2006 23:53

i was on dianette for over two years and i accidently missed a pill, i got pregnant through missing one pill!

AttilaTheMeerkat · 29/04/2006 06:54


Am no expert of course but have PCOS myself and unfortunately your comment sounds awfully suggestive of this perhaps being the underlying cause:-

"I'm 29 and went on to Dianette as I had started to get really awful spotty skin. Had a Thyroid blood test done about 12 months ago which was normal, also tested for PCOS last year but GP said testosterone levels were normal also".

If the GP did not test your LH and FSH levels at that time then PCO and PCOS cannot be ruled out. I would also ask your GP for an internal ultrasound scan to what your ovaries look like (polycystic ovaries have multiple cystic follicles. These do disappear - only to be replaced by further cystic follicles). Dianette is often given to women with PCO.

You will need to be persistant in order to get answers.

mjp185 · 29/04/2006 21:43


defo going to get this sorted as We really want No 3 and the more I think about not being pregnant the more I want to be...IYSWIM

Also, have googled PCOS and symptoms do seem very similar.
LH leutinising Hormone?
FSH Follicle stimulating Hormone?

Shall be going to Docs armed to the teeth with info.....Grin

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