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Does Clomid Have Any Effect on Preg Test Results?!?!

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ionaming · 27/04/2006 15:52

Anyone know if clomid can affect the results of an HPT please?!

I'm currently on 3rd clomid cycle. Usually 26/27 day cycle, although has gone to 28 days on clomid. I'm now on day 30 & have only just plucked up the courage to do a pregnancy test...... (after 18 months of ttc the "might be" was always nicer than the definite "no" or negative test result!). Anyway, I've got a line...... not the darkest of lines, but definitely there Shock. But just thought I'd check that clomid doesn't play tricks on test results before I break the glad news to DH Grin....

Please, please let it be a real "positive"....

OP posts:
HunKeRMunKeR · 27/04/2006 15:53

Think it doesn't affect pg tests (it didn't with me!), so a hesitant but quite positive congrats from me! Grin

Micku5 · 27/04/2006 15:54

Hiya.. I was on clomid for my first baby...... and after i did 7 tests did I believee I was pregnant. There is actually a bit on the instructions that says clomid doesn't affect the test (if i remember correctly)

Congrats Grin

NatalieJane · 27/04/2006 15:56

Awww congratulations!! :o :o :o Really pleased for you (no I'm not a wierd stranger, just pulled my heart strings when I read it!! LOL)

ionaming · 27/04/2006 15:57

Wow. Quick answers! Thank you :) Micku5, is that the instructions on the HPT or on the clomid tablets (err...thrown them away coz box empty - only prescribed 3 cyles worth) do you know? Off to go & double check the instructions on the HPT now....

OP posts:
MrsMills · 27/04/2006 15:59

Iirc it does mention Clomid on the HPT instructions (both ds's were conceived using it). It should say that it has no effect on the result.

Which means congratulations are in order!!

Micku5 · 27/04/2006 16:01

It was on the pregnancy tests.

trace2 · 27/04/2006 16:05

clomid doesn't affect the test they told me if am late ,do a test becuase it can cause a m\c

trace2 · 27/04/2006 16:06

oops congrats

ionaming · 27/04/2006 16:14

hi all...... nothing about clomid on the hpt instructions. But only a cheapy acorn one. But you all seem in agreement that it shouldn't affect the preg test result!!! WOW Grin !!!!!!

OP posts:
coggy · 27/04/2006 17:26

HURRAH for you.......Grin

ionaming · 27/04/2006 17:43

Well, I've just been out & bought a digital clearblue test....... yep, I'm pregnant!!!! Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Amazing! This was cycle 20 of ttc..... still can't quite believe it's finally happened!

OP posts:
coggy · 27/04/2006 18:47

I am SOOOOOOOOOO pleased for you.
The digital tests are so cool...good to see it in black and white I guess.
Lots of Grins for you.

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