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madmarchhare · 26/04/2006 15:54

OK, Im a name changer.

Not sure when AF due, but, looking at the calendar and knowing that I didnt have it on certain occasions, I suspect the first day of my last AF was mid March.

I have slight stomach cramps and an acidy nauseous type feeling.

Have took a Clear Blue test (expiry date this month), which gave a negative result but also indicated that the test hadnt worked properly due to no line in 'test has worked properly' window. However, 12 hours later the 'test has worked properly' line has appeared.

Bought Asda one just now which has given a very faint poitive result.

So, those of you in the know, what are your thoughts.

Im not ttc. DH knows that Im going to do a test today. We are meeting at MILs for dinner.

OP posts:
madmarchhare · 26/04/2006 15:54

OK, so Im not a name changer, hey ho.

OP posts:
schneebly · 26/04/2006 15:57

It sounds like you might be - If i were you I would get a digital one to check - no room for interpretation then! I hope you get the result you want! Smile

Feistybird · 26/04/2006 15:57

oops (for your namechange, sorry it didn't work)

Having seen lots of these threads, the overwhelming response seems to be any line, no matter how faint, is a positive.

If it was me, I would do another, and if any kind of line appeared, that would sort it.

Happy at the prospect of a pos?

madmarchhare · 26/04/2006 15:57

lol @ myself again, the thread title was going to be my name. Can you tell my mind is not on the job?

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madmarchhare · 26/04/2006 15:58

Well I dont know, Im just shocked at the moment, although we have always said no more due to the awful pregnancy I had first time around.

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melissasmummy · 26/04/2006 15:59

my line was v v faint, barely see-able. In fact i did 4, all v v faint & now I have 2.8 DD.

Feistybird · 26/04/2006 16:06

Hope I'm not being premature, but me thinks Congratulations may be in order MMH

madmarchhare · 26/04/2006 16:12

Do you think Id be better waiting until tomorrow to do another? (might as well, theres two in the box) Or would a few days be better (hormone levels etc) given I dont really know when AF due. Oh bloody hell, Im all shaky. Still dont know what to think.

OP posts:
Peachyclair · 26/04/2006 16:31

you might try one of those digital ones that say positivre or negative, but I think false negs are commonand false pos rare, iyswim.

my three false negatives are watching TV at this mo Grin

Hope that the news is alright with you, whichever way it goes.


Peachyclair · 26/04/2006 16:35

If it reassures, I had a terrible PG with DS1- hyperemesis, pre eclampsia, but I took meds for the sickness from day 1 with ds2 (not needed for ds3) and had no problems. Don't know what your problems were, though of course.

madmarchhare · 26/04/2006 16:38

Thats what I needed to know really PC, the false negative scenario. I think Im going to have to face facts arent I?

I was so set against another pg, that I had said to myself that if it ever happened I could decide what to do then. Sounds awful I know. Its not that easy though, talking hypothetically it a pile of crap.

OP posts:
madmarchhare · 26/04/2006 16:40

x posts.

It was hyperemesis, I suffered terribly from around 6 weeks, in and of hospital until 8 months.

OP posts:
Peachyclair · 26/04/2006 16:48

Well, I was working for the support group blooming awful as info worker and support person for a while, working with ladies with hyperemesis. My e-mail is peaches and cream 04 @ bt internet dot com, I am happy to give you my phone number for chats if you decide to keep any nbaby you MAY be expecting. the website bloomingawful also has loads of excellent advice.

And it doesn't always come back, can go either way I promise!

madmarchhare · 26/04/2006 16:50

Thank you, that is very kind.

OP posts:
Peachyclair · 26/04/2006 16:52

no problem

and if you can't face this pg..... you're not alone, lots of women understandably make that decision. HG (I too was hospitalised and on a drip) is bloody horrible.

madmarchhare · 27/04/2006 15:18

Ive done another today, its BFP, I cant deal with this.

OP posts:
schneebly · 27/04/2006 19:41

I'm sorry this is a shock MMH - It is a lot to take in. You will have a lot of thinking to do - You will figure out what your heart wants. I hope you are okay - I will probably be on and off all evening if you need to 'talk'. (((hugs)))

misdee · 27/04/2006 19:44

oh MMH, i wihs i could offer some 'good advice' about HG. but i cant. i had it awfully for all three pregnancy. was on medications for the last one, but still didnt work, and spent time in hospital. is the HG the only thing worrying you?

Peachyclair · 27/04/2006 19:50

do remember my offer.... I've done it for plenty of people before, it's not a problem.

Could your GP put you on medication pre-emptively? My GP did that for ds2, so although I was a bit sleepy I had very little in the way of vomiting. DS3 was an even better pregnancy without any meds.... it might be altight, if you decide to go there.

If not you have all our understanding and love.

Keep taking care of yourself and sending multitudes of hugs.

staceym11 · 27/04/2006 20:09

oh MMH, think and talk about your decision a lot, i think talking to PeachyClaire (or emailing) may help if she knows a lot about it.

no-one will blame you whatever yuo do, i wasnt very ill in my 1st pregnancy (except extreme MS but wasnt so bad i was hospitalised) and i was set against another pg for a long time, now im 11 weeks pg and havnt had it nearly as bad. the body changes and not all conditions are carried to your next pg. think about it, but at the end of the day its your decision and im sure everyone around you will support you no matter what!!!

big hugs being sent your way!

singalonga · 27/04/2006 21:22

Sending you hugs, MMH, and very best wishes X

Peachyclair · 27/04/2006 21:26

can I also say while you make your decision, some studies have shown a correlation (I am told- haven't read them ) between sickness and tiredness. So whilst there is a possibility of continuing the pg, rest as much as you can.

madmarchhare · 27/04/2006 21:27

Thank you. Im talking to DH and I have appointment with GP.

Its hard to tell if its just the HG thats the problem. It is clouding everything. Im not sure.

We said we didnt want anymore and thats all we have ever really said.

We were only discussing it with friends the other day.

I can remember my elbows bleeding because I was constantly on all fours vomitting, even with meds.

Im going again for now, thank you again for your kind words.

OP posts:
schneebly · 27/04/2006 22:00

Hope it goes well MMH. (((hugs)))

singalonga · 28/04/2006 19:58

How are you today MMH? Thinking of you and sending positive vibes and many hugs Smile

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