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bit worried all of a sudden!

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spinach · 25/04/2006 22:09

This is probably me being pathetic but....

Can anyone tell me at what stage an embryo is at 4 weeks pregnant? ie is it in the Uterus or still in the tubes?

I had laproscopic surgery at 4weeks as they thought I had ectopic pregnancy... so they had a good rumage through the tubes. They didnt go into the uterus as they couldnt find an ectopic. I am 12 weeeks pregnant and about to have scan, really worried there may be something wrong with baby cos of the surgery. Any ideas?

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starlover · 25/04/2006 22:11

at 4 weeks it would have been implanted in the womb

spinach · 26/04/2006 20:15

thanks, still nervous about scan though.

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starlover · 26/04/2006 20:17

i;m sure it'll all be fine... i would imagine that if anything traumatic had happened to the embryo during the surgery you probably wouldn't still be pregnant!

when is your scan?

spinach · 26/04/2006 20:17

thats true! hadnt thought of it that way, scan is friday.

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Lauren2105 · 30/04/2006 18:37

Any news on your scan?

spinach · 30/04/2006 18:39

yes, had scan on friday... it was very brief but baby was moving around a lot, has the right number of arms and legs! Wish i had paid for a nuchal fold scan now though, just to get a better look and some more in depth tests. too late now though! thanks for asking. xx

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Lauren2105 · 30/04/2006 19:16

Just out of interest what is a nuchal fold scan? Sorry am new to the pregnancy journey - see my thread "Prepare my Body" under conception.

Glad went well.


spinach · 30/04/2006 19:21

its a more detailed scan you can heave done at 12 weeks.. its an earlier test for downs syndrome and other serious abnormalities. Its not available on the nhs everywhere. see \link{\here).

I saw you're thread... good idea to get yourself healthy before ttc.... take a prenatal supplement, cut down on caffeine and booze, dont smoke and eat well. Try not to get too obsessed with it! Work out when your fertile times are, and happy bd'ing!

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