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Should I test???!!!

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CaptainCavemansMummy · 25/04/2006 20:07

Did anyone have no pg symptoms other than that earth shattering tiredness? And have you ever felt that tired other than when pg?
Not ttc!

OP posts:
Bobley · 25/04/2006 21:24

My tiredness didn't come on bad until I was about 10 weeks pregnant so I didn't have this as a symptom!

The only early sign that I experienced was feeling a bit "weird" not sick but didn't have an appetite and I just felt completely different to how I normally am!

I would do a test as at least you will know either way!

Good luck

cece · 25/04/2006 21:25

Test test test

cece · 25/04/2006 21:33

is your af late?

spinach · 25/04/2006 21:44

yeah, test, now, I'm bored!

cece · 26/04/2006 17:19


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