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Any sleeping pills safe to take in pregnancy??

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ntt · 25/04/2006 19:17

I don't think I am, but we're trying, so don't want to take any chances. I haven't been able to sleep properly, (regardless of whether the little one lets me or not), since becoming a mum 10 months ago and would like to get some while I've got chance!


OP posts:
CaptainCavemansMummy · 25/04/2006 19:35

Have you spoken to your gp or are you looking for an alternative remedy?

I was prescribed a mild sedative at the end of my pg which worked like a dream and gave me some much needed sleep and a new perspective on sanity!! It was given to me by the motherhood and mental health team at our local hospital. (nor suggesting you need mental health help!, just saying where I got it ) Grin

SenoraPostrophe · 25/04/2006 19:42

there are herbal remedies etc but dh doesn't think much to any of them. have you tried increasing the amount of exercise you take and that kind of thing? I think it's supposed to help if you don't eat protein within a couple of hours of going to bed or something like that, but exercise def helps. and horlicks.

ntt · 25/04/2006 19:52

Lol ccm at the motherhood and mental health team - I could soo do with somewhere like that Grin. I'll ask my hv.

SP - I've looked at herbal stuff, but it all says not to take during pregnancy. Re exercise - I'm too tired!! Suppose I could dig out my old yoga dvd though..Unfortunately I don't like Horlicks, but will try hot milk tonight, does that really work??

OP posts:
CaptainCavemansMummy · 25/04/2006 19:54

motherhood and mental health team kept me sane when I totally freaked out at the end of my pg!
Lucky for me, my gp had also suffered and been under their care!

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