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just off the pill - anyone else starting out ttc?

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soundbites · 25/04/2006 09:41

Wondering if I can link up with anyone else also newly ttc (or soon to do so). Took my last pill this morning so just setting off on the journey ...

Also, what can I expect once I come off the pill?

I am 28 (dh 35) – hoping it will all be ok (fingers crossed).

Would love to hear from you! :)

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gemmaseascout · 25/04/2006 10:54

come over to the chat thread for trying to concieve in april, there is always someone over there!

laughalot · 25/04/2006 11:47

Hi soundbites well welcome to the mad world of ttc we have some fab threads of people on there journey to having a baby. Well I am 27 and trying for my second I have a son who is 21 months my husband is 29, I came of my pill mid march and had my period as normal, second month I went 35 days untill I had my period so I convinced myself I was pregnant. The best advice I can give is try and not think to much about it because stressing makes it harder it took me six months with my son but I just came of the pill and we just had sex whenever we never tracked anything, however this time I am tracking my cervical mucas there has been a link posted on the heres to a positive may thread wish gives you a insight of how to track your cervical mucas wish basically gives you a indication of your most fertile time, when you have your first days period that is classed as your cycle day 1 usually the best time to conceive is 14 days from the first day of your last period however if you read other threads you will see its not always the case. Hope this helps a little even though I have a son I am trying again so I shall be on your journey as well, just remember it can take a little time for the pill to leave your system so try not to get to down if it dosent happen straight away for you but my fingers are xxxxxxxxxxxxx, there are some great threads for you to join pop over soon.

TuttiFrutti · 25/04/2006 16:39

Hi Soundbites, come and join us on the Hoping for Positive in May thread. I've just started ttc my second (I'm 38).

soundbites · 27/04/2006 09:52

Thanks! See you on the May thread ...

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jellyjelly · 27/04/2006 13:34

Good luck and are you taking your folic?

soundbites · 27/04/2006 13:51

Yes - started three months ago. Have been a good girl! Thanks for the reminder.

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sleepycat · 27/04/2006 13:54

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Natty1806 · 27/04/2006 14:28

Hi Sleepy Cat

The Pill can vary in taking it's time to come out of the system. I know a few people who have got pregnant within two - four months of stopping the pill, however one person i know it took 10 months for it to come out of her system.

The best guide for it coming out of your system is your periods, if once you stop the pill you have regular periods 28-40 cycles i would say it is out of your system.

However i am not an expert so this is just first hand experiance as mine vary between 7 and 10 weeks which means i am now on the route to fertility invesigations (periods over 42 days mean it is very unlikely you ovulate)

Best of luck to you and hope this helps.

soundbites · 03/05/2006 09:34

Sleepycat - both you and Lauren 2105 on another thread talked about allowing the pill to leave your system for up to a year before trying. I am taking the attitude that I will just leave things to get on with it now that I am just off the pill. Have you heard that you ought to have a proper break before ttc? I'm just curious and want to make sure I do things right!


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Wavedancer · 05/05/2006 12:56

Hi soundbites, I don't think there are any medical reasons for having a break between coming off the pill and ttc. However, doctors recommend you have one 'proper' period before starting, as it makes it hard to deduce a due date if you get pg immediately. Also, as others have pointed out, it can take some time for your body to return to normal, but we're all different.

I've been on the pill for 15 years now; I had a break about 8 years ago for 6 months and only had one period in that time (and it was so awful and painful that I went straight back on it!). Now I'm 31 and planning to start ttc next year but am coming off the pill next month because I know that last time it took my body a while to adjust. I'm a little nervous about what to expect - e.g will my periods be awful, will my skin get spotty (as both of these happened last time) but I've been putting this off long enough now (been with DH for 10 years) so am going to take the plunge! :)

Good luck,

soundbites · 05/05/2006 16:29

thanks for the info Wavedancer

I guess we will just see how long my body takes (only been on the pill four years - don't know if that helps at all). I am not doing anything to stop falling pregnant right now, but nor do I want to get too into the tracking / temps / dates etc. just yet so it could well not happen for a few more months by when my body might be used to not being on the pill (hope the spot etc. aren't too hideous). I would be hugely shocked if it happened straight away! Good luck with yours …

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