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Did you feel sick 4 weeks pregnant or earlier? Question for friend

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lovecloud · 24/04/2006 21:26

i cant remember but when did you start feeling sick when you conceived?

she has been feeling sick since saturday and is due on wed, i thought you have to be around 6 weeks at least and cant remember when my sickness started.

anyone early at 4 weeks or earlier?

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lovecloud · 24/04/2006 21:28


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Wembley · 24/04/2006 21:28

I felt sick at 4 weeks with my daughter - day before I found out I was pregnant and about 5 weeks with DS

spacecadet · 24/04/2006 21:31

i started feeling sick, 3 days before af was due with ds1

lovecloud · 24/04/2006 21:31

oooh exciting!!!!

maybe she is then

OP posts:
spinach · 24/04/2006 21:33

i was sick at 7 weeks with first but at 3 weeks with this pregnancy... starts with that funny metallic taste. I dont know why i bothered with the tests really!

notasheep · 24/04/2006 21:52

Felt VERY sick before period was due

futurity · 24/04/2006 21:56

i felt sick before my period was due which is how I knew I was pregnant (this was second time round..first time round sickness came about 2 weeks after i found out)

Peachyclair · 24/04/2006 22:18

can happen, depends on HCG levels.

can be a predecessor of severe morning sickness though (hyperemesis) so keep an eye on her

or could be a sickness bug.

TuttiFrutti · 25/04/2006 09:39

I never felt sick, although I got other pregnancy symptoms (sore breasts, tiredness) before my period was due.

lovecloud · 25/04/2006 10:27

well she is due on tomorrow so fingers crossed she is.

tummy bugs should not last this long although i know you mind can play tricks on you. i cant count the times i was convinced i was pregnant and felt sick. i think i almost made myself feel pregnancy signs - us women can go a bit mad when ttc Grin

one month i even had tingly nipples and was convinced they were going to leak!!!

OP posts:
awayfromhome · 25/04/2006 10:31

I felt very sick at about 4 weeks with my second pregnancy... had no sickness at all with my first.

Hopecat · 25/04/2006 12:02

My SIL felt sick from Week 1. Yuck.

beckybrastraps · 25/04/2006 12:03

I felt sick very early - before I did the test.

spinach · 27/04/2006 18:25

any news?

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