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Does ovulation ALWAYS happen around day 14?

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TuttiFrutti · 24/04/2006 17:55

I used to think ovulation always occurred around the middle of your cycle, but a friend told me today she thinks it can happen at any time, even if you have regular 28 day cycles. I'm going to start ttc this month, and although I've bought a couple of ovulation predictor kits, I don't want to use them all the time as they are so expensive. Is it true that I could ovulate on, say, day 8?

OP posts:
hunkermunkfish · 24/04/2006 17:56


hunkermunkfish · 24/04/2006 17:56

Sorry, that's "yep, it's true you could ovulate on day 8"

Blandmum · 24/04/2006 17:58

women vary widly when they ovulate

futurity · 24/04/2006 17:59

yeap...first time round I ovulated mid cycle but second time round i used to ovulate on day 21 of a 28 day cycle which i found out by a mixture of temping and ovulation predictor kits. I think on average most women do ovulate mid cycle so you could use that as a starting point. I found temping very useful and then the predictor kits as a back up BUT I had been trying for a while before I started the temping as it is a bit of a pain!

skerriesmum · 24/04/2006 18:01

I thought ovulation happened 14 days before your next period is due (not 14 days after period starts, of course if you're very regular, that's the same day!) Of course every woman's cycle is different, sometimes month to month,this is why it's not necessarily day 14.

LadyTophamHatt · 24/04/2006 18:03

I used to be text book ovulation woman. Conceieved all 3 DS's between day 12-16.

For a few months I've noticed I ovulate earlier. Around day 10. Certainly all signs of ovulation have gone by day 14.

It's differnet for everyone, and as you can see from my experience it changes aswell.

lahdeedah · 24/04/2006 18:04

I used to be quite regular before I had DD - had a 35 day cycle and ovulated around day 18/19 - so not necessarily 14 days before period is due.

LadyTophamHatt · 24/04/2006 18:05

I have a 28 day cycle too.

rubles · 24/04/2006 20:09

The second half of your cycle after ovulation is pretty much fixed for each woman, it is the first half that varies. I always have 11 days after ovulation, once I had 12 days but that was v.unusual. I ovulate between days 14 and 21.
Watch your cm as a guide as to when to start using the ovulation kit, although if you are having unprotected sex I personally find it hard to see what is sperm and what is cm.

MrsWednesday · 24/04/2006 20:12

Spooky, LTH, the exact same thing is happening to me - I can definitely tell I'm ovulating around day 9/10 whereas before it was always right in the middle of my 28 day cycle.

TuttiFrutti · 24/04/2006 20:24

Thanks everyone. Thought I more or less knew how my cycle worked, but it just shows how wrong you can be...

OP posts:
peachygirl · 24/04/2006 20:40

can I just back up LTH that your ov day can move too - mine has twice!! the most recent one being over the last two cycles
I temp and in Feb/March cycle I had most CM and a temp rise around days 15-18 (28 day cycle)and in March/April cycle it was between days 10-13. (24 day cycle)

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