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Clomid - NHS

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Natty1806 · 24/04/2006 11:52


I am currently waiting to see if i am allowed clomid as i am only 23, was wondering if anyone else my age was on it through the NHS.
Guess i will have to go private if they say no so if anyone knows how much it costs and what the procedure is i would also like to hear from them.

Just waiting is doing my head in, just so desperate to get clomid and hope it works.

Good luck to everyone else trying.x

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milesysgirl · 24/04/2006 12:08

hi i have had clomid on the nhs im 20 years old it did work after a few months !! im now 24 weeks pregnant with no 2.took a while to get to see the consultent but when we were there he was brilliant !! good luck to you xx

zoey29 · 24/04/2006 12:52


My sister in law was prescribed clomid on NHS when she was 22. She conceived within 3 months of taking it.
I myself have just started on clomid last month although I am 29. However I am 3 days late, so fingers crossed!!!

Good luck to you.

Natty1806 · 24/04/2006 13:04

Thanks for the support Milesysgirl and Zoey29, nice to hear success stories.

Zoey29 - when will you do a test? Are you normally regular on the clomid?

Let me know how you get on

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trace2 · 24/04/2006 20:38

am due to take it next month, am 40 and got it on nhs, only waited 6 weeks for gyny

Natty1806 · 25/04/2006 08:23


that was not too long then, i was told by GP to chase him if i have not heard anything after 4 so i will keep 6 weeks in my mind now, as i am starting to stress about it.

Good luck -let me know how it goes.

OP posts:
trace2 · 25/04/2006 08:30

i was told about 4 months wait, but i got a letter telling me i missed a app( lost in post), but if i got that it was 3 weeks

Natty1806 · 25/04/2006 10:24

That's even better. i really hope i get one soon, seem to be turning into a right moody mare. Waiting is not fun! x

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Rachee · 25/04/2006 19:45

I am 35, on clomid ( 4th month). Gyne app took 6 weeks to first app, that app was just a nurse taking down all my history, weight, blood, and of course, sperm sample from DH. (that was august 2005) Next app was Dec 2005 saw the Mr Cheif !! told me i need a Lapperoscopy, but take clomid in the meantime.... 6 months wait for op... (Still waiting -40 people ahead of me )

So Good Luck, and keep chasing the hospital for app... xXx

Jen1209 · 25/04/2006 20:26

Hi, I'm 26. 1st consultant appointment in October 2005, 3 visits (each approx 8 weeeks apart to allow for test results to be received)and 1 m/c later I was prescribed Clomid at the end of Jan 06. Got pg on month 1 and am now 10 + 1 weeks pg!

Good Luck, hope you don't have to wait too long

Natty1806 · 26/04/2006 08:06

Congrats Jen - really pleased for you, hope it goes smoothly for you.

And thanks to Rachee, at least i have rough idea of waiting time- just have to thing of something to keep my mind off it. Only a few more weeks for you and you should have your appoinment, let me know how it goes.


OP posts:
sarahlou123 · 29/04/2006 14:05

hi, how long were you all trying before you were refer for treatment? also do any of you have problems that you already knew about which makes ttc more difficult? x

Natty1806 · 29/04/2006 16:52


I have been trying since July 05 did not know of any problems, doctor had mentioned that if i did not have a period 6 months after finishing the pill then i should go and see him. I have had a few periods but they are so far apart i went to see him and he started some inital tests, now just waiting to get the okay to start clomid from the local fertility clinic.
How long have you been trying? Any problems that you know of?

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