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ok, I know this has been done before but has anyone had simptoms, bfn pg tests and still turned out to be pg?

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wannaBe1974 · 23/04/2006 18:40

firstly, apologies for doing this, as I know it's been done a hundred times before but .. here goes.

We've been ttc for 11 months now. Until about three months ago my cycles were very regular, then they started to get slightly longer. A couple of cycles I've had sore boobs and have put these down to possible pg, but then af has subsequently arrived and I've drawn the conclusion that sore boobs are actually a simptom of af so I've begun to look out for them. Then this month I had nothing, no sore boobs, so I figured my af would be late. Then last monday I experienced some bleeding, very slight spotting that lasted for only 1 day. It was almost identacle to how it was when I was pg with ds, but I held off testing, as my last cycle was 35 days. But as the week has gone by, I've been experiencing different simptoms to pre-af ones. I've had very sensitive nipples, not sore boobs though, lots of cm, and today I've been feeling extremely nausious, brought on by certain smells such as the plug-in air fresheners I have in my house. But this morning I did a test and it was bfn. It's got to the extent now that I believe something is majorly wrong and that is why I'm not conceiving, and that the potential impalance in my hormones are what's causing these strange simptoms, but is it possible I could be pg? surely if there are simptoms the hormones would show on an hpt? I'm on cd34 now.

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wannaBe1974 · 23/04/2006 18:47

Just for the record I do have a gp appointment on Friday but I think she'll just tell me that I'll have to have a blood test for which I'll have to wait a week to get an appointment and then another two weeks for the result (have joked to dh that if I have to wait for blood tests I'll be able to feel the baby moving by the time I get the result, if there is a baby of course) :O

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WharfRat · 23/04/2006 18:49

This reply has been deleted

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tangerinecath · 23/04/2006 19:17

When I fell pg with dd I had loads of pregnancy symptoms - "full" feeling in abdomen, sore boobs, nausea etc etc and had loads of BFN's. I went to the docs and had a blood test done - also negative. I knew I was pg but all the negative results were getting me very confused. After a couple more weeks with no af... BFP! If your cycle is a little irregular it could be that you were like me and had the symptoms before there was enough HCG to produce a BFP.

Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

rosylizzie · 25/04/2006 19:51

me too - 2 bfns then a week later bfp used cheap test first timr though

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